This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Utah Valley University took first place last year in a national cybersecurity competition, beating out West Point, Duke, Georgetown, and the Naval Academy. Leading UVU’s efforts is Brandon Amacher, who is encouraging every business to immediately protect its computer systems.


The Department of Homeland Security is warning everyone that the Russian Government is exploring options for potential cyber attacks on American companies.

Some Utah business leaders may believe they are not at risk because their company isn’t large enough or doesn’t present an appealing enough target. However, cyber professionals, including those of us at Utah Valley University, are encouraging each organization – large and small – to be on guard due to the risk of both direct and spillover cyber threats.

Company and government leaders should implement cybersecurity training for employees, including password discipline and phishing recognition. Businesses should also create contingency plans for the possibility of a cyber incident, including a plan for backing up and restoring critical data and functionality.

Companies should also consider using increased security tools to enhance early detection. We also encourage leaders to explore insurance and incident response services in the case they are impacted by a cyber attack.

We are fortunate to have Utah Valley University leading the way on cybersecurity. It’s vital — last year the average small business lost over $25,000 to cyber attacks, with some paying millions of dollars, so upgrade your security system today. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.