This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business  It’s Utah Tech Week, a grassroots community celebration of Utah’s tech and startup scene. Startups, VCs, and community organizations put together events to serve Utah’s tech community. Joining us is Val-Pierre Genton, Founder & CEO of Vision to Growth, with more on an upcoming event.


Did you know stress and overwork cost US businesses over $500 billion dollars per year? There’s a direct connection between stress, anxiety, and depression, and the 50 to 70% of companies that fail within their first 5 to 10 years. 

On Wednesday, January 25th, we will host a panel discussion on Thriving Under Pressure at Kiln. Hear from the CEOs of Owlet, Homie, Thread Wallets, Taft, and Big Monocle on what mental and emotional pitfalls first-time founders should look out for, how to take care of mental well-being while growing businesses, and available tools and best practices for mental wellness.

By helping the next generation of entrepreneurs avoid burnout and care for their mental health in the high-stakes and ever-changing environment of a startup we can boost our business community. Let’s be the change to shift the startup lifecycle of “grind and burnout” to “work smart, play more, repeat.”


Utah Tech Week is a grassroots event that exists thanks to Scott Paul, Trent Mano and the entire Convoi Ventures team. For more information on Utah Tech Week and the Thriving Under Pressure panel, visit the Utah Tech Week website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.