This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. For nearly 150 years, Westminster College has been known for excellence in education that has evolved to meet the needs of its students, region, and the world. Starting this fall, the college will evolve once again and become Westminster University. President Bethami Dobkin shares more.


We’re excited to become Westminster University this summer. This transition showcases the opportunities we give our students while preserving our core values and small classes.

We know students are looking for supportive experiences that help them build an academic journey, one which is challenging, diverse, and impactful, both personally and professionally.
We know families and employers are looking for growth and skill development that prepares students for a lifetime of achievement. We excel in bringing passion and profession together.

Our undergraduate education provides all students opportunities to do hands-on research with professors from the time they arrive on campus, perform service work in our communities, and participate in internships that give them career confidence for life. While half of our student body comes from out of state, nearly 80 percent stay in Utah filling roles in business, nursing, education, and other fields.

Our undergraduate, graduate and doctoral degrees are grounded in ethics, critical thinking, collaboration and academic rigor that puts students at the top of their game and top of the list with employers.

We’re excited about our new phase as Westminster University, and to share our successes with you.

Derek Miller:

While the name might be changing, the mission and vision of Westminster will not. For more information, visit the Westminster website. Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.