This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. World Trade Center Utah’s mission is to accelerate growth for Utah companies through global networks, programs, and services. Aaron Starks, chief revenue officer and managing director of global business services, explains how they help businesses at every stage of international growth.


With every industry in the world right here in our backyard, there is no better place to do business.

Last year companies in Utah sold over $17 billion dollars in goods like food products, minerals, medical supplies, aircraft components and more – directly supporting over 95,000 jobs in the state. World Trade Center Utah is proud to be part of that effort, helping over 100 Utah companies last year achieve their international goals, accounting for millions of dollars in new sales and investment opportunities.

These successes are due in large part to the investment we’ve made in highly data-driven market research – research that ensures that no Utah business has to embark on their international journey alone. We help guide companies in selecting markets, navigating regulatory and compliance hurdles, and connecting with potential buyers, partners, and investors around the world.

Whether you are an early-stage start-up or a billion-dollar enterprise, international markets should be a consideration for your future, and when you’re ready, contact us at World Trade Center Utah.


If you’re thinking about international markets, please visit the WTC Utah website. There, you will learn about upcoming trade shows and trade missions, how to apply for grant funding, and how to gain a great partner for international success. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.