This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Getting things in writing is critical in business but can be complicated when a professional translation is needed. That’s where Zab Translation Solutions can help. Here’s managing director Brian Chandler with more.


More than 50% of all Google searches are now done in a language other than English, and only 25% of Internet users are native English speakers, making translation a critical need for almost every organization. At Zab Translation Solutions, we help clients reach non-English speaking customers and potential customers, as well as company employees, and even parents and students. Last year our team at ZAB translated information into over 115 languages.

It is crucial to get an accurate translation to assist in clear communication that helps avoid serious challenges, misinformation, and reduces fear among non-English speakers. Google Translate is helpful for a casual experience but can result in mistranslations. For example, I recently typed in “Protection against Falls in the Workplace” and Google translated it as “Safety in Autumn.”

Zab translates for hundreds of companies and organizations around the world. See how they can help you by visiting for more.


Properly translated documents are what people expect – that’s why it’s important to hire a company like Zab Translation Services. Check out their website for more. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.