This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Zenzee is a woman-owned clothing label with a mission to create high-quality, sustainably-minded pieces you won’t find anywhere else. Founder and Designer Sharon Backurz joins us with more. 

Sharon Backurz: 

I grew up in Steamboat Springs and began my career as a graphic designer in the cities of New York, San Francisco and Seattle. I then decided that I missed the mountains and my small town lifestyle, so I moved to Park City, where I channeled my passion for design into Zenzee. 

Zenzee is a contemporary womenswear label, and we are dedicated to using the powers of fashion to help women achieve their dreams. We create beautiful, small-batch garments inspired by the space between relaxation and refinement. Our collections feature the softest cashmere, embellished details, handwork, and statement imagery. We sew right in the store, and we love to embellish — we add fringe, feathers, patches and tie dye to keep things fresh. 

Join us on our journey of creating well-crafted, sustainable garments. If you’re interested in shopping at Zenzee, please visit us at our new store in Salt Lake, or take a look at our website at

Derek Miller: 

Next time you’re clothing shopping, consider shopping local and women-owned at Zenzee. Visit them in Park City, or at their new boutique in Salt Lake City’s Maven District. Learn more at their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.