Poverty in Utah profoundly impacts families, exacerbating financial instability, limiting access to quality education and health care, and hindering opportunities for upward mobility. The cycle of poverty also creates challenges for families, often resulting in intergenerational effects that can perpetuate the cycle for future generations. On this episode, we discuss what businesses can do to help with Michelle Crawford, Executive Director of Circles Salt Lake.

About our Guest Speaker:

While her work in as Executive Director began January 1, 2022, Michelle has Crawford served Circles Salt Lake since its inception in 2017. She has volunteered in many capacities including as an Ally, a member of the community board, planning committee for the Circles Summer Fest and Circle Builder Humanitarian Award Dinner, organized the Circle Leaders Spa Day, and served as President of the Board of Directors.

Professionally, Michelle strives for positive results through the application of her abilities in leadership and effective communication. Michelle is passionate about helping people learn and grow, and possesses an aptitude for optimizing relationships and motivating others.

Personally, she is blessed with the love and support of her fiancé, James, and three amazing children, Zoe, Memphis and Audrie. Michelle is happiest when spending time with her family, especially when their dog, Max, can join in their adventures. Raised by a single, immigrant mother in a household of five children, Michelle understands poverty and the importance of community support. She believes in the power of personal development and encouraging others to be their best selves.