Clyde Companies is partnering with the Copper Rock Championship, part of the LPGA-qualifying Epson Tour, to raise awareness of gender pay disparity within the golfing industry.

Despite ongoing efforts to bridge the gap between male and female golfers, women are still paid roughly one fifth of their male counterparts.

“Clyde Companies is committed to leading out and speaking up for gender pay parity. We know female leadership makes a difference within our business and across our community. We are truly honored to partner with Copper Rock and the Epson Tour to support women athletes,” said Jeremy Hafen, Clyde Companies President and CEO. “Whether we are business leaders or pro golfers, let’s continue to have the conversation and value performance.”

Clyde Companies has participated as a sponsor of the Epson Tour during the previous two years. This year, a decision was made to think outside of the box and explore how the company could help be the voice of change for the sport and within the state’s business culture.

Ally Isom, Clyde Companies’ new Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, collaborated with Penny James-Garcia from the Copper Rock Championship and came up with the idea of using Clyde Companies’ donation dollars to help increase the initial purse winnings of the championship.

With the creation of the Clyde Challenge Pay Equity Match, Clyde Companies hopes to lead the way in challenging other Utah companies to follow suit and help increase the championship purse by 50%. By joining forces, Utah businesses can make a difference for pro women golfers and send a message that Utah is ready to be a change leader. The goal is to raise $100,000 from other businesses before the competition takes place on May 13-18, 2024.

Clyde Companies is committed to leading by example and speaking up for gender pay disparity. As one of Utah’s 100 Companies Championing Women, Clyde Companies continually strives to improve its own initiatives and exposure for women and knows that a difference can be made in all industries, starting right here in Utah.

To join Clyde Companies in supporting women athletes in Utah, click here. Contact Elsie Powley with any questions.