The state of Utah stands out with its thriving economy and a remarkable roster of successful companies, contributing to our business community’s continued success. However, amidst this prosperity, the prevalent challenge of mental health looms large. As highlighted in “Utah Informed,” a recent publication from the Kem C Gardner Policy Institute, a staggering 25.3% of Utahns acknowledged grappling with mental illness, surpassing the national average of 22.8%. 

So, what do these statistics mean for our state’s business community? It means that it is increasingly imperative for workplaces to actively contribute to addressing this issue. The needs of today’s workforce are complex and require a holistic management approach. If you’re not sure where to begin, you’re not alone — and there are resources available to help.

One of these resources is the upcoming Master Class: The Business Case for Employee Health. On Thursday, February 8th, join the Salt Lake Chamber and Utah Community Builders for an in-person discussion focused on a holistic approach to employee health featuring presenter Sentari Minor. Here are three things you’ll learn:

1. How employee health impacts your business

In today’s dynamic business landscape, the well-being of employees is intricately tied to the overall success of the organization. Understanding the profound impact of employee health on your business is the first crucial step. During the training, you’ll delve into the intricate ways in which the physical and mental well-being of your workforce can influence productivity, innovation and efficiency.

2. How to manage burnout

As the demands of the modern workplace intensify, burnout has become an increasingly prevalent concern. This training will equip you with tips and tricks to help you recognize, prevent and manage burnout effectively. Learn how proactive measures can mitigate burnout’s impact on productivity and employee satisfaction, ultimately contributing to a healthier and more thriving workplace.

3. How to create a positive culture surrounding mental health

Creating a workplace culture that embraces mental health is not only a compassionate endeavor but a strategic imperative. The training will guide you through actionable steps to cultivate a positive culture surrounding mental health within your organization. By fostering a supportive atmosphere, you not only enhance the overall employee experience but also contribute to a workplace culture that attracts and retains top talent.

Register for the Master Class: The Business Case for Employee Health on February 8th by clicking here.