The Salt Lake Chamber’s Annual Government Affairs Boot Camp is around the corner. This intensive two-day training is an opportunity to learn how Utah’s business voices are heard on Capitol Hill. In addition to knowing why government relations are important for your organization, there are many reasons why a new or senior business leader, experienced government relations professional, company executive or public policy advocate should attend. 

Here are the top 5 reasons to register for the Government Affairs Boot Camp: 

  1. Gain an understanding of Utah’s legislative process and procedures.

The first step to effective government affairs is a solid understanding of the legislative process. Boot Camp attendees will learn from legislative staff on how a bill becomes law, state government structure, how to get an appropriation, and procedures during the general legislative session. Understanding the nuances of this process will give participants a lens into the national governing process as well. Connecting these dots is key to navigating what issues arise at the state level.  

  1. Get an inside look at the political process from elected officials and key advocates.

Government Affairs Boot Camp attendees will engage with some of Utah’s foremost political leaders and advocates and get a behind-the-scenes view of life in (and around) the legislature. With only 35 people accepted into the class, participants will have the opportunity to network with classmates and presenters, and delve deeper into each issue area. Several elected officials will join the group to share their perspectives on lobbying (it’s not always a bad thing!). Attendees will also meet some of the state’s most effective advocates teaching them about best practices and smart government relations strategies. 

  1. Discover how to use the Chamber to advance your business objectives.

From Congress and the Governor’s Office to legislative committee rooms and city halls across the state, the Salt Lake Chamber stands as the voice of Utah business and promotes a pro-growth, business-focused agenda. The Chamber’s public policy and government relations team knows how to get results and is committed to working with various organizations and businesses to advance the broad interests of the business community. Chamber policy staff will be present during both days of the boot camp to answer questions, share ideas, and offer personalized advice. Building relationships with key Chamber personnel not only adds to your contacts but will build your influence in the community. 

  1. Understand Utah’s most pressing policy issues facing leaders today.

What public policy issues can businesses expect to encounter during the upcoming legislative session? Chances are, the same issues that matter most for your company and affect your business are important to others in leadership positions. Attendees will leave the Boot Camp with an understanding and grasp on some of Utah’s most pressing policy issues including tax reform, housing affordability, infrastructure investment, air quality, public lands, education funding and many more.

  1. Graduate with a Government Affairs Certificate from the Salt Lake Chamber!

Participants will graduate with the confidence and knowledge to effectively and successfully advocate on behalf of their organization. This concludes with a special Certificate of Government Affairs from the Salt Lake Chamber certifying your completion of the training.

From the legislative process to networking and learning public policy, the Government Affairs Boot Camp is an incredible opportunity to hear from Utah’s government affairs professionals, business leaders and elected officials. The boot camp will sharpen your organization’s approach to effectively engage the legislature on your advocacy efforts. 

Space is limited and must be reserved, so register now for the Salt Lake Chamber’s Annual Government Affairs Boot Camp by clicking here.