This season, it’s not just the spotlights illuminating the natural beauty of Tuacahn’s red rock canyon, the roofline of the buildings will also be aglow thanks to EverLights, the Official Outdoor Lighting Partner for Tuacahn. 

Featuring 2,500 feet of one of the latest EverLights products, the SmartBright Pro, the ambiance on the grounds at Tuacahn can now be changed to match the season, the holiday, the event, and each of the musicals gracing the Outdoor Amphitheatre and the Indoor Hafen Theatre.

A unique and beautiful way of setting the stage, before audiences even see the stage. 

“Tuacahn already offers such an elevated experience, we are so excited for the opportunity to be part of elevating the setting even more,” said Trevor Lambert, Vice President of Marketing for EverLights.

For years EverLights, a Utah-based company offering permanent holiday lighting for both residential and commercial, has been transforming the aesthetic of people’s homes and businesses with high-quality lighting products that are designed and engineered in the United States. 

“We really like supporting the local business community,” said Darrin Winn, development senior manager for Tuacahn. “This is something that really benefits both sides of the partnership. We get to have these beautiful lights, and they get to share the fact that they are the official lighting partner for Tuacahn with their customers.” 

Although the lights installed at Tuacahn are commercial grade and designed for industrial buildings, they are similar to some of EverLights’ residential products in that they can be easily and conveniently changed through a cell phone app, offering more than 4 billion RGBW color options, including true warm white. 

“They can custom tailor the experience with color, animation and motion to really create something special,” Lambert said. 

Winn said there are some particularly exciting ideas in place for the upcoming Christmas in the Canyon season, but even before then, they can’t wait to see how people respond to the colors that match this season’s musicals including Disney’s FrozenAnastasia and Jersey Boys: The Story of Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons in the Outdoor Amphitheatre and Ring of Fire: The Music of Johnny Cash and A Christmas Carol, The Musical in the Indoor Hafen Theatre.

“The lights strike a balance between adding to the space, but not overpowering the space,” Winn said. “They are bright enough to be seen during the day, but they’re not flashy. You can see them, but they don’t detract from the natural beauty of the red rocks.” 

Come see the newly illuminated Tuacahn canyon and stay to enjoy one of the fantastic musicals being performed this season. Tickets to all five shows are on sale now by calling the box office at 435-652-3300 or online at For more information on EverLights products, check out