Utah Valley University (UVU) confirmed its commitment to digital safety and awareness, reflected in its unique cybersecurity offerings, by releasing a video from UVU President Astrid S. Tuminez that addresses the growing issue of cybersecurity scams and phishing attacks.

In the video, an animated avatar of President Tuminez warns students and staff about deceptive emails, impersonators, and other online threats designed to steal a person’s identity. At the end, it is revealed that the voice heard throughout the video is not President Tuminez’s but an AI-generated voice, showcasing the threat of voice replication.

The video serves as a reminder of the importance of caution and vigilance in the face of increasing cyber threats. By showing how easily voices can be faked, it emphasizes the need for individuals to use caution and security measures to protect themselves online.

“Cybersecurity is so important for safeguarding personal information, organizational systems, critical infrastructure, and our economies,” said Dr. Basil Hamdan, UVU professor and cybersecurity expert. “With the ever-expanding technology landscape, cyber threats grow in complexity and frequency, which is what is driving the demand for a well-educated cybersecurity workforce. To avoid scams, practice caution and online hygiene. Be skeptical and verify digital interactions. Stay vigilant against evolving scams to protect your information and finances.”

To help students in the dynamic field of cybersecurity, which continues to suffer from a significant jobs gap, UVU provides potential students with a Cyber Career Pathways Tool that helps them identify the skills and abilities required for different cybersecurity roles and the classes that offer them. This resource enables students to chart an efficient pathway of study and work experience, preparing them for future opportunities in the field.

For scholars wanting a comprehensive education in cybersecurity, UVU offers a Master of Science in Cybersecurity program. Starting a new cohort each fall at the Lehi Campus, this part-time, two-year program is designed for working professionals who can only take classes in the evening. The program enhances participants’ cybersecurity knowledge, skills, and abilities, equipping graduates with the expertise to pursue new or boost existing careers in this rapidly growing field.

In addition, UVU will offer a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity starting fall 2024. This program will provide a comprehensive and advanced cybersecurity curriculum, positioning it uniquely to deliver in-depth cybersecurity education to students. 

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