Entrepreneurs gather at Utah Valley University to celebrate inaugural community-nominated & peer-selected cohort

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (May 11, 2022) – The Wasatch Innovation Network (WIN), a partnership between the Salt Lake Chamber and TechBuzz News, recognized today the inaugural cohort of the WIN100, a community-nominated and peer-selected process of the top 100 venture entrepreneurs in Utah, at a luncheon held in their honor at Utah Valley University. Sponsored by the top venture firms in the region, WIN100 is designed to help identify and cultivate relationships among emerging and top founders, CEOs, CTOs and ventures with ties to the state. 

“These entrepreneurs represent the best of the best in terms of innovation and capacity to lead our growing ecosystem,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber and Downtown Alliance. “While the Wasatch Innovation Network launched less than a year ago, it is already having an impact within our innovation ecosystem. We could not be more excited about supporting and learning from these emerging leaders as they bring ideas to life and solutions to market. The WIN100 is poised to become the premier place for capital flow and innovation development as entrepreneurs and mentors connect.

The WIN100 was created to give entrepreneurs the ability to share, collaborate and partner to maximize the chance of success. The WIN100 aims to:

  • Increase visibility and collaboration amongst Utah’s top venture entrepreneurs;
  • Increase networking and dialogue with peers and partner organizations; 
  • Raise the profile of talented individuals across the broader business ecosystem and particularly among investors; 
  • Create a unique, self-directed community; and, 
  • Elevate the community-minded culture of Utah’s startup ecosystem.

“Creating new ventures that can take our economy to the next level is no easy task and deserves our collective support,” said Paul Ahlstrom, Co-founder of TechBuzz News and Board Chair of the Wasatch Innovation Network. “We believe this new group of business leaders will make an impact in terms of innovation, products and business creation in the near future. The success of our entrepreneurial community in Utah is not a given, but one we have long worked to build and sustain with capital and services. The WIN100 will be bolstered by our growing ecosystem and receive the necessary support to make sure they succeed in growing the next generation of impactful Utah companies.”

The idea of the WIN100 is based on the premise that the crowd would successfully identify the innovators and entrepreneurs that were “most likely to create a high growth company” in Utah. The first round included nominations from the community and were accepted from March 21, 2022, to April 4, 2022. Responses were used to assemble a list of candidate nominees. During the second round, nominated candidates voted for their peers based on who they believe is “most likely to launch or lead a successful high-growth startup in the next 2–3 years as Founder/CEO/CTO.” This round of peer voting determined the WIN100 Top Entrepreneurs for 2022. Because of a tie, ultimately, 107 candidates were selected as the core group.

The 2022 Wasatch Innovation Network WIN100 Recipients include:

  • Diane Acevedo, Utah’s 40 Women Over 40
  • Melanie Alder, Pattern
  • Amy Anderson, Rees Capital
  • Brenda Anderson, Jipe
  • Emily Applegarth, Gamify
  • Steve Arntz, Campfire
  • Daniel Ash, Journey Front
  • Spencer Barclay, Savology
  • Billy Bateman, Chat Funnels
  • Colby Bauer, Thread Wallets
  • McKenzie Bauer, Thread Wallets
  • Casey Baugh, Sandlot
  • Joon Beh, Hallo
  • Brock Blake, Lendio
  • Dave Blake, ClientSuccess
  • Mikel Blake, Tech-Moms
  • Jon Bradshaw, Codebase
  • Angela Brau, Wander
  • Mark Brown, &Collar
  • Matt Bryson, Mezy
  • Rilee Buttars, Donde
  • Greg Butterfield, Lumio
  • Ryan Caldwell, MX
  • Edgar Carreon, Dree
  • Jonathan Cheney, Seek
  • Dave Christison, Hivewire
  • James Clarke, Clarke Capital, Clearlink
  • Benton Crane, Harmon Brothers
  • Damian Dayton, Pillow Cube & Creatably
  • Wesley Eames, After.com
  • Jaron Erickson, Sales Dojo
  • Birch Eve, Pickle
  • Eric Farr, Brainstorm
  • Earl Foote, Nexus IT
  • Parker Gentry, SkillStruck
  • Chris Gibson, Recursion
  • Kamel Greene, Poly Platform
  • Madeline Hamilton, Ivy City Co.
  • Jeff Handy, Seva Development
  • Dallin Harmon, VidAngel
  • Jeff Harmon, Angel Studios
  • Jordan Harmon, Angel Studios 
  • Neal Harmon, Angel Studios
  • Theron Harmon, Harmon Brothers Consulting
  • Dan Hemmert, Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity
  • Tyler Hogge, Divvy
  • Reuben Holdaway, Convoi Ventures
  • Kristi Holt, Vibeonix
  • Allyson Irwin, Code Adventure
  • Jonathan Johnson, Overstock
  • Scott Johnson, Motivosity
  • Bronson Kaufusi, Connect NIL
  • Grant Kenning, Keap
  • Tejas Konduru, Via
  • Robb Lifferth, IsoTalent
  • Bruno Lima, Pura
  • Greg Lloyd, Stagebase
  • Eric Lo, Krado Inc
  • Hunter Maxfield, Nomi Health
  • Shea McGee, Studio McGee
  • Syd McGee, Studio McGee
  • Robert McMillen, Ad Ventures
  • Glen Mella, Axcend LLC
  • Luke Mocke, Fairstream
  • Tony Mucci, dree
  • Taylor Murphy, Campfire
  • Blake Murray, Divvy
  • Robert W. Nelson, Grow
  • Rachel Nilsson, Rags
  • Zack Oates, Ovation
  • Chari Pack, Persnickety Prints
  • Eric Parker, Giddy
  • Ethan Parker, Giddy
  • Jeron Paul, Spiff
  • Natalie Paul, dree
  • Ben Perkins, &Collar
  • Tristen Persons, Tristen Ikaika
  • Gladymir Phillippe, Kado Inc.
  • David Politis, Silicon Slopes
  • Aleksa Porter, Wander
  • Nathan Porter, Wander
  • Tanner Potter, Kickstart
  • Nate Randle, Gabb Wireless
  • Clint Reid, Zonos
  • Brad Rencher, BambooHR
  • John Richards, StartUp Ignition
  • Kaumana Rindlisbacher, Pickle
  • Daniel Roberts, Savvi Legal
  • Matthew Roberts, Savvi Legal
  • Indy Blue Severe, Lonely Ghost
  • Davis Smith, Cotopaxi
  • Ryan Paul Smith, Recyclops
  • Marty Smuin, Weave
  • Sterling Snow, Divvy
  • Nick Sorenson, Whistic
  • Ritchie Stapler, Pura
  • Evan Teshima, foreUP
  • Cydni Tetro, Brandless
  • Brigham Tomco, Emmersion Learning
  • Jess Toolson, Mixhers
  • Abby Warner, The Girls Company
  • Lacy West, Laced Hair Extensions
  • Tessa White, The Job Doctor
  • Amelia Wilcox, Nivati
  • Kurt Workman, Owlet Baby Care
  • David Wright, Pattern
  • Jordan Wright, Atomic Financial

A key element of the WIN100 is building relationships with key stakeholders and established leaders in our innovation ecosystem. The mentors will share their real life experiences and best practices with the incoming cohort. 

The Wasatch Innovation Network WIN100 Mentors include:

  • Paul Ahlstrom, Isotalent, TechBuzz News
  • Phil Anderson, ParentPlaybook
  • Davis Bell, Canopy
  • Brian Beutler, Alianza
  • Issac Jacobson, Gabb Wireless
  • Scott Johnson, Motivosity
  • Darren Lee, ProofPoint
  • Robb Lifferth, IsoTalent, TechBuzz News
  • Drew Major, SlingTV, formerly Novell
  • Glen Mella, Axcend
  • Derek Miller, Salt Lake Chamber
  • Jeron Paul, Spiff
  • Tyler Ploeger, Everee
  • Kevin Santiago, Greenlight Hospitality 
  • Joe Staples, Go-to-Market Advisor
  • Brigham Tomco, Immersion
  • Tessa White, The Job Doctor
  • Kurt Workman, Owlet Baby Care
  • Jordan White, Atomic Financial

Attendees also had the opportunity to hear from keynote speaker Divvy Chief Revenue Officer Sterling Snow on building businesses, building people and building a community.

“Our innovation ecosystem has the opportunity to foster a passion for giving back and creating a culture that reflects Utah values,” said Elisabeth Nebeker, program director of the Wasatch Innovation Network. “The WIN100 cohort will continue to emulate this mindset. We are excited to support this next wave of up-and-coming leaders.”

The WIN100 Founding Sponsors include the Salt Lake Chamber, IsoTalent and TechBuzz News. Presenting Sponsors are Kickstart Fund and Frazier Group. The Venture Sponsors are Atomic, Pando Ventures and Sorenson Ventures. Startup Sponsors are Diversified Insurance Group, Epic Ventures, EY, Hillcrest Bank, Mayer Brown and Peterson Ventures. The Entrepreneur Sponsors are Album VC, Assure, Spacestation Investments, SpringTide and Sweater. WIN100 Partners include Axcend, BioUtah, Boardlevel.io, Boom Startup, Gamify, Lassonde Entrepreneur Institute, Savvi, Startup Ignition, Utah Advanced Materials & Manufacturing Initiative, Utah Valley University, and Women Tech Council. 

For more information, visit winutah.org.



The Wasatch Innovation Network is founded on the belief that business leaders are stewards and creators, not just beneficiaries, of our entrepreneurial ecosystem. The Wasatch Innovation Network will provide a channel for that ecosystem and work to turn vision into reality through collaborating on innovation across industries, planning and creating to accelerate job growth, talent recruitment and economic prosperity. This will benefit the Wasatch Front, State of Utah and Intermountain West in achieving transformative impact.


The Wasatch Innovation Network Top 100 Entrepreneurs (WIN100) is designed to help identify and cultivate relationships among emerging and top Founders, CEOs, CTO, and venture talent with ties to Utah. Backed by the Wasatch Innovation Network and sponsored by top venture firms in the region, the WIN100 is a community-Nominated and peer-selected organization of the top 100 tech venture entrepreneurs in the state’s ecosystem. The idea of the WIN100 was based on the premise that the crowd would successfully identify the innovators and entrepreneurs that were “most likely to create a high growth company” in Utah.