The webinar What Utah Businesses Must Do for Data Privacy and Security discussed what businesses will face in 2022 and what they need to do to protect their data. Cybersecurity expert, Kevin Taylor of Comcast, shared more on:

  • The increase in cybercrime in Utah
  • Where Utah businesses are most vulnerable
  • Why remote working and online schooling has made Utahns more susceptible to cybercrime
  • How to form a solid cybersecurity strategy
  • How to train every employee to recognize cybersecurity threats
  • Implementing ‘common sense’ policies with employees, who are constantly receiving emails
  • Key tools to implement in your business today

About our Presenter: Kevin Taylor is a Comcast Fellow focused on cyber security and fraud prevention at Comcast. He oversees the development and operations of key systems and technologies to help mitigate fraud and cybersecurity. He has been granted 9 US patents spanning security, control systems, and cryptographic keying. He is an industry veteran of 35 years with extensive experience in video systems, high-speed data technology, security systems, cybersecurity, fraud prevention, and systems engineering.

The webinar was held on March 3, 2022.