Are you a business professional eager to enhance your knowledge of government affairs? Prepare for Utah’s legislative session by registering for the Salt Lake Chamber’s Government Affairs Boot Camp, a two-day event taking place on October 27th and November 3rd. This immersive experience will help you gain invaluable insights, connect with industry leaders and deepen your understanding of government processes. Here are a few things participants will learn:

1. How to secure appropriations

Your cause might be eligible for federal funding — the tricky part is understanding how. At Government Affairs Boot Camp, participants will discover how to navigate the labyrinth of legislative advocacy and appropriations within the Utah Legislature. Learn from Casey Hill, founder of Lincoln Hill, as he shares invaluable insights and strategies to successfully fund your initiatives and make a meaningful impact on Utah’s budgetary decisions.

2. The art of skillful lobbying

Lobbying is an art, and at Boot Camp, you will learn tips to master it. Frank Pignanelli, managing partner at Foxley & Pignanelli, will provide you with invaluable strategies for effective advocacy. Additionally, Chris Bleak, partner at RRJ Consulting, will offer insights into building lasting relationships, a cornerstone of successful lobbying efforts. Participants will come away with a more complete understanding of advocating with impact and advancing their organization’s objectives.

3. Tips for amplifying grassroots efforts

Advocating for your cause can sometimes feel like making a complicated recipe from scratch. Discover the strength of sincere advocacy and gain valuable insights into successful policy initiatives from Emily Bell McCormick, president and founder of The Policy Project. You’ll learn how these initiatives have effectively tackled significant challenges, harnessing the power of grassroots support to drive success within Utah’s unique context.

4. How to build meaningful relationships

Navigating the world of legislative engagement is an essential skill, especially with the legislature’s freshman class. At Government Affairs Boot Camp, our expert panel featuring Senator Nate Blouin (Dem), Representative Paul Cutler (Rep), Representative Sahara Hayes (Dem), and Representative Jason Kyle (Rep) will teach you everything you need to know about political relationship building. Discover effective strategies for active involvement in the legislative process during this dynamic panel discussion — it’s crucial for advancing your organization’s agenda.

5. Economic essentials

In order to advocate effectively, you’ll need to understand the role of the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission in shaping economic development. Kori Ann Edwards, managing director at the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Opportunity, will help Boot Camp participants understand the UEOC’s mission, impactful activities and significant contributions to Utah’s economic growth and prosperity. Understanding and leveraging these economic drivers is paramount for any government affairs professional seeking to make a lasting impact.

From the legislative process to networking and learning public policy, the Salt Lake Chamber’s Government Affairs Boot Camp is an incredible opportunity to hear from Utah’s government affairs professionals, business leaders and elected officials. Graduates will leave with the knowledge to improve their confidence and effectiveness to advocate on behalf of their organization, as well as a Certificate of Government Affairs from the Salt Lake Chamber certifying their completion of the training. Space is limited and must be reserved, so register now by clicking here!