1 04, 2022

Speaking on Business: Utah Community Builders Foundation

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The Salt Lake Chamber · Speaking on Business: Utah Community Builders This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Three years ago, the Salt Lake Chamber launched the Utah Community Builders Foundation, a non-profit organization created to address critical social and community issues. Nic Dunn leads that program. NIC DUNN The best path out of poverty is through [...]

11 02, 2022

Fixing the Workforce Shortage and Reducing Poverty are Mutually Supportive

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Well before anyone had even heard of COVID-19 — not to mention the ripple effects into the economy — businesses were having a hard time finding workers thanks to a tight labor market. In July 2018 there was a record opening (at the time) of 6.7 million jobs. From truck drivers to tech workers, the [...]

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