15 02, 2024

The Business Case for Employee Health: Sentari Minor Presents Master Class on Workplace Wellness

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As discussions and research on mental health and wellbeing gain momentum, especially following the COVID-19 pandemic, it has become increasingly apparent that mental health is a matter that impacts not only communities but also workplaces. On Feb. 8, the Salt Lake Chamber hosted a Master class titled “The Business Case for Employee Health” to discuss what businesses can do to take action.

25 01, 2024

Three Things You’ll Learn at “The Business Case for Employee Health”

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The state of Utah stands out with its thriving economy and a remarkable roster of successful companies, contributing to our business community’s continued success. However, amidst this prosperity, the prevalent challenge of mental health looms large. As highlighted in "Utah Informed," a recent publication from the Kem C Gardner Policy Institute, a staggering 25.3% of [...]

8 08, 2023

Speaking on Business: EvolvedMD

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The Salt Lake Chamber · Speaking on Business: EvolvedMD This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. In 2017, evolvedMD launched as a solution for the lack of access to mental health care. Today, it is one of the most comprehensive integrators of physical and behavioral health in the United States. Vice President of Strategy [...]

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