24 01, 2022

Ray Pickup to be Honored as 43rd Giant in our City

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Salt Lake business community’s highest honor recognizes local leader’s contributions and positive impact throughout Utah SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (January 24, 2022) – The Salt Lake Chamber today announced that Ray Pickup of WCF Insurance will be honored with the 43rd Giant in our City award. The award recognizes those with exceptional and distinguished service, as [...]

21 01, 2022

Business Watch: 2022 Legislative Updates – Week 1

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The first week of the 2022 Utah Legislative Session kicked off for the second full year under the shadow of the pandemic. However, representatives and senators were back in the Capitol complex ready to engage the people’s work with virtual available for full participation. Our team is actively engaged on the Hill and if you [...]

19 01, 2022

Kimberly Flores: It’s Never Too Late to Reinvent Yourself

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A movie or television trailer is supposed to catch your attention, but this time it felt like Netflix punched me in the gut. This particular trailer wasn’t flashy or over-dramatized, it was just real and raw and it certainly poured over the insecurities I had inherited in 2020 which had overflowed into 2021.  “Switching careers…in [...]

17 01, 2022

Speaking on Business: ExecuTech

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The Salt Lake Chamber · Speaking on Business: ExecuTech This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. The world’s first cyberattack occurred in 1988, when a graduate student at Cornell University inadvertently jammed the Internet. Now, cybersecurity concerns are critical to every business. And Tyler Rasmussen, Vice President of Cybersecurity at ExecuTech, is here to share [...]

14 01, 2022

Substitute Teacher–Business Connection Information Session

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The Substitute Teacher—Business Connection is a new initiative of the Salt Lake Chamber, and was created to encourage Utah businesses to help address the substitute shortage facing our state. Many school districts are struggling to find the substitute teachers necessary, and many employers have a workforce available to assist.  To help facilitate this, the [...]

13 01, 2022

Salt Lake Chamber Introduces 2022 Legislative Priorities at Utah Economic Outlook and Public Policy Summit

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SALT LAKE CITY (January 13, 2021) – The Salt Lake Chamber hosted the annual Utah Economic Outlook and Public Policy Summit with the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute to release its 2022 legislative priorities at the Grand America Hotel. Chief among those priorities is maintaining Utah’s spot among the top of America’s best performing economies, [...]

5 01, 2022

President’s Message: Priorities Matter for Business and Policy

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2021 was a year of growth and expansion for Utah’s economy in the face of inflation, supply chain disruptions and proliferating coronavirus variants. Our collective pulling together during the pandemic continues to impress leaders and commentators nationally. At the start of every new year, leaders begin to pursue new goals or priorities within their organization. [...]

22 12, 2021

Wasatch Innovation Network Focuses on National Data Privacy Standard in Technology Roundtable with Congressman John Curtis

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (December 22, 2021) – The Wasatch Innovation Network in partnership with the Salt Lake Chamber and TechBuzz News addressed the importance of establishing a national data privacy standard, especially to protect the rights of consumers, in its technology policy roundtable with Representative John Curtis last month. Curtis sits on the prominent [...]

20 12, 2021

Executive Confidence Slides on Coronavirus Variants and Workforce Shortages

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Salt Lake Chamber CEOutlook 2021-Q3 Highlights A Divergence in Confidence and Job Growth Showing Uncertainty Remains the Dominant Theme   SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (December 20, 2021) – The Salt Lake Chamber’s CEOutlook released today shows mixed results from increased job growth in Utah yet executive confidence declining for the third straight quarter. This divergence signals [...]

17 12, 2021

Utah’s Continued Job Growth and Low Unemployment Highlighted on Salt Lake Chamber Dashboard

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SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH (December 17, 2021) – The Salt Lake Chamber’s Roadmap to Prosperity Coalition, in partnership with the Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute, has updated the Economic Dashboard for December to help business leaders know where Utah stands in the overall recovery. This tool tracks the state’s path to a complete economic recovery [...]

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