2023 Legislative Watchlist

Below you will find the watchlist for all the bills that the Salt Lake Chamber is tracking during the 2023 Legislative Session. The list may be sorted by column or category.

The Chamber takes the following range of positions on bills:

  • Monitor” means the bill is of interest to Chamber members, but the Chamber does not have a specific position on the bill.
  • Concern” means the Chamber is concerned with the current status of the bill and is working with the bill sponsor.
  • “Oppose” means the Chamber is opposed to the bill as currently written.
  • Support” means the Chamber supports passage of the bill.
  • Priority” means the Salt Lake Chamber Board of Directors has designated this bill as priority for the business community. Legislators’ votes on Priority Bills are used to determine the Chamber’s Business Champion Awards.
Bill Number
Bill TitleSponsorSummaryPositionStatusPriority Area
HB 033Water Related Liability AmendmentsRep. Carl Albrecht
Sen. Derrin Owens
Protects owners and operators of water facilities (those maintained in good repair) from litigation when third parties or acts of God cause damage (e.g. flooding) by means of their water facility.MonitorIn Senate CommitteeWater, Energy, & Environment
HB 042Technology Commercialization AmendmentsRep. Jeff Stenquist
Sen. Ann Millner
Creates the Utah Innovation Lab. The lab will invest in and help fund businesses that are formed as a result of technology commercialization efforts or qualified businesses that are seeking capital in an effort to commercialize technology. SupportPassed CommitteeBusiness Climate and Economy
HB 051Railroad Right of Way AmendmentsRep. Casey SniderAllows a government entity to assess a cost to a railroad company for a portion of a cost for infrastructure improvements that also benefit a railroad company.MonitorIn CommitteeTransportation & Infrastructure
HB 054Tax RevisionsRep. Steve Eliason
Sen. Dan McCay
Lowers the tax rate from 4.85% to 4.8%.SupportIntroducedTaxes & Regulatory
HB 060Juvenile Justice ModificationsRep. Cheryl Acton
Sen. Luz Escamilla
Prohibits a public employer from denying an interview based on a juvenile criminal record. Puts a juvenile record under the same parameters as an adult criminal record when asked by a potential employer or interviewer about their record.MonitorIn CommitteeWorkforce & Education
HB 063Office of Rail SafetyRep. Mike SchultzCreates the Office of Rail Safety. This Office will enter into contract with the Federal Railroad Administration to participate in inspection and investigation activities.MonitorIn CommitteeTransportation & Infrastructure
HB 064Waiver of Punitive Damages AmendmentsRep. Brian King
Sen. Todd Weiler
Even if two parties waive punitive damages at the outset of an agreement, a court may choose to not enforce that clause and still award punitive damages.MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 076Tourism Fund AmendmentsRep. Tim Jimenez
Sen. Daniel Thatcher
Allows a county legislative body to impose a transient room tax to fund emergency medical services on a holiday or weekend in an unincorporated and more than five miles from a city of the first, second, or third class.SupportIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 078Behavioral Health Treatment Access AmendmentsRep. Steve Eliason
Sen. Jen Plumb
A health benefit plan that offers mental health coverage shall offer a single case agreement that allows the enrollee to receive covered mental health treatment from an out-of-network provider unless the heath benefit plan has in-network providers that provide the same treatment being sought by the plan enrollee within proximity to them.MonitorPassed Second ReadingHealthcare
HB 080Residential Renter DepositsRep. Calvin MusselmanExtends the amount of time from 30 to 45 days for a landlord or owner of a rental property to return the balance of any deposit or prepaid rent, and for the owner to deduct any amounts from the deposit or prepaid rent. MonitorIn CommitteeHousing
HB 088Social Security Tax AmendmentsRep. Walt BrooksIncreases elgibility for the social security benefits tax credit by increasing income thresholds.SupportIntroducedTaxes & Regulation
HB 093Outdoor Recreation ModificationsRep. Carl Albrecht
Sen. Jake Anderegg
Increases the amount of money in the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Account that may be used for the Recreation Restoration Infrastructure Grant Program.SupportIn Senate CommitteeInfrastructure
HB 094Reverse Mortgage AmendmentsRep. Walt BrooksNo longer has an age requirement for a reverse mortgage applicant. No longer requires a seven day cooling off period after a reverse mortgage is agreed to. MonitorIn Senate CommitteeHousing
HB 100Beer Order and Delivery AmendmentsRep. Joel BriscoeAllows an off-premise retailer to apply for a license to deliver up to four cases of beer.MonitorIntroducedTaxes & Regulation
HB 101Food Sales Tax AmendmentsRep. Judy Weeks Rohner
Sen. John Johnson
Removes the state tax on food and food ingredients, but leaves the local (county, city, or town) tax. MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 102 S1Higher Education Residency AmendmentsRep. Jordan TeuscherDirects higher education institutions within the Utah System of Higher Education to grant in-state resident status to individuals in Utah who have applied for or who have been granted a refugee, humanitarian parolee, temporary protected status or asylum. SupportIn Senate CommitteeWorkforce & Education
HB 104Modifications to Public Safety RetirementRep. Matt GwynnShortens the time from one year to 90 days that a retired public safety or firefighter employee must wait to be reemployed without losing their retirement benefit. Will sunset in 2027. SupportIntroducedWorkforce & Education
HB 109Veteran Dependent Tuition AmendmentsRep. Calvin Musselman
Sen. Ann Millner
Directs institutes of higher education to waive tuition for dependents that are dependents of disabled veterans, are residents of the state, and are pursuing their first undergraduate degree.MonitorIn Senate CommitteeWorkforce & Education
HB 113 S1Motor Vehicle Insurance RevisionsRep. Marsha JudkinsIncreases the minimum motor vehicle insurance coverage for injury, death, and property damage. Rates are to be increased from $25K to $50K for death or injury of one person, from $65K to $100K for the death or injury of two or more people, from $15K to $50K for property damage, and from $80k to $150K for an accident that results in death, injury, and property damage. MonitorIn the SenateTaxes & Regulation
HB 116Intergenerational Poverty SolutionRep. Norm ThurstonCreates the Education Savings Incentive Program where contributions to eligilbe my529 accounts are matched dollar-to-dollar up to $300 per year per family. Individuals must apply, and DWS will identify individuals who qualify for a state match on contributions to my529. MonitorIntroducedWorkforce & Education
HB 117Occupational Restriction AmendmentsRep. Norm ThurstonAllows an employee who is at least 18 years old to inform a restaurant patron of alcoholic beverage choices, and take their alcohol order.SupportIntroducedRegulation
HB 123Broadband Service AmendmentsRep. Karen Kwan
Sen. David Hinkins
Gives the Public Service Commission the authority to regulate broadband and voice over Internet protocol services. They are to make rules that ensure the resiliency and reliability of broadband infrastructure, review and monitor cyber security protocols, emergency preparedness, and gather data about these services pertaining to price, deployment, etc. They can order a broadband service to remedy any finding of unreliability or resiliency of the networks.MonitorIntroducedInfrastructure

HB 125Postretirement Reemployment AmendmentsRep. Kera BirkelandShortens the time from one year to 60 days that a public safety employee or teacher must wait before being rehired without losing their retirement benefits. Qualified retired employees must wait 60 days, and return to work for not more than 1,040 hours a year as a teacher, firefighter, or public safety employee. SupportIntroducedWorkforce & Education
HB 126Postretirement Reemployment ModificationsRep. Kera BirkelandAllows a retired public safety employee or teacher to be rehired within one year without losing their retirement benefit if they are making less than $35,000 a year and are rehired with a participating agency as a public safety employee or a teacher.SupportIntroducedWorkforce & Education
HB 131Vaccine Passport AmendmentsRep. Walt BrooksAn employer may not deny employment to an individual based on vaccination status. Exemptions include childcare programs, federal contractors, and Medicaid/Medicare funded institutions. Employers must exempt employees from receiving the vaccine if the employee proves that it would be injurious to health, or conflict with a religious or personal belief.MonitorIn Senate CommitteeWorkforce

HB 133 S1Health Care Facility Visitation AmendmentsRep. Cheryl ActonHealthcare facilities may not require visitors to show proof of vaccination, and prohibit contact between a visitor and the patient that they are visiting. Facilities may not deny visitation unless the visitor violates the written visitation policies, if the patient objects to the visit, or if the patient needs emergency life saving care. MonitorPassed Second ReadingHealthcare
HB 136Safe School Route EvaluationsRep. Melissa Garff BallardDirects the school traffic safety committees established by local school boards to submit an annual child access routing plan which address suggestions for safety improvement. The authority over any highways mentioned in the plan as well as UDOT are to respond to the plan with any recommendations. MonitorPassed CommitteeInfrastructure
HB 141Driver License Test AmendmentsRep. Gay Lynn BennionDirects the Drivers License Division to provide the written Class D driver license exam in as many languages as possible. If there is a language unavailable, a requestor may take the exam with the assistance of a Division approved translator. SupportIn the SenateWorkforce
HB 144High Cost Infrastructure Development Tax Credit AmendmentsRep. Carl AlbrechtDoes not allow for the High Cost Infrastructure Development Tax Credit to be automatically discontinued even if less than ten people file for the credit, or the total sum among all applicants is less than $10K.Qualifies underground mnine infrastructure projects as eligible to receive the credit.SupportIntroducedInfrastructure
HB 150 S1Emergency Water Shortage AmendmentsRep. Carl AlbrechtGives the Governor authority to declare a water shortage emergency and use water resources for fire suppresion in addition to granted emergency powers. Lists the order of preference for water use in times of emergency and directs preferential users to pay back any losses to those who had water service interrupted.MonitorPassed CommitteeWater
HB 152 S1Online Prescribing, Dispensing, and Facilitation Licensing Act RepealerRep. James Dunnigan
Sen. Curt Bramble
Repeals the Online Prescribing, Dispensing, and Facilitation Licensing Act which allows physicians and pharmacies to distribute prescriptions online. This bill would prohibit online prescribing and filling of prescriptions. This bill predates telehealth, and would not restrict current telehealth practices. It is repealing an act that has not been used.MonitorPassed Senate CommitteeHealthcare
HB 159 S1Health Care Professional Licensing AmendmentsRep. Norm Thurston
Sen. Jake Anderegg
Allows a health care professional not licensed in Utah to provide telehealth services to Utah residents as long as they are within the statae where thy are licensed. SupportPassed CommitteeHealthcare
HB 166 S1Mental Health Professional Licensing AmendmentsRep. Stephanie Gricius
Sen. Mike McKell
Reduces hours needed under the direct supervision of a therapist or social worker survivor from 100 to 75 for a licensure applicant. Allows therapists who are licensed in a different state to provide remote mental health services for individuals in Utah.MonitorIn the SenateHealthcare
HB 167 S1State Child Care ProgramRep. Ashlee Matthews
Sen. Luz Escamilla
Directs the Division of Human Resource Management to create the State Child Care Pilot Program. The program will let certain state agencies enter into agreements with childcare providers to create on-site childcare programs. The agencies may charge fees for these services to offset any expenses.SupportIn Senate CommitteeWorkforce
HB 170Child Care Tax Credit AmendmentsRep. Susan PulsipherEnacts a nonrefundable $1,000 tax credit per child under the age of 6 years old. Credit cannot be carried forward or back. SupportIntroducedTaxes & Regulation
HB 172Food Sales Tax ModificationsRep. Rosemary LesserRemoves the state tax on food and food ingredients, excluding candy.MonitorIntroducedTaxes & Regulation
HB 178 S1Post-Employment Restrictions RevisionsRep. Anthony Loubet
Sen. Kirk Cullimore
Voids any non-solicitation agreement and non-compete agreements between home and community-based service providers and their employees or independent contractors.MonitorPassed CommitteeHealthcare
HB 181Offender Employment ModificationsRep. Ashlee Matthews
Sen. Derrin Owens
Directs DWS to create a web portal where employers may post jobs that they are seeking to fill regardless of whether or not an individual has a criminal record, and where individuals with criminal records can look for jobs. SupportIn Senate CommitteeWorkforce
HB 184Veterinarian Education Loan Repayment ProgramRep. Carl Albrecht
Sen. Scott Sandall
Establishes the Veterinarian Education Loan Repayment Program under the Department of Agriculture and Food. Veterinarians who have worked for five or more consecutive years in a publically operated or non-profiit animal shelter, within Native American country, or in an area of the state that is designated by USDA as being in a veterinarian shortage situation, are eligible to have either the sum of their student loans paid off, or $100K paid toward it through the Program--whichever is less of the two.SupportIn Senate CommitteeWorkforce
HB 186State Land Purchase RestrictionRep. Candice PierucciProhibits any military company owned by the Chinese government (as defined in section 1260H on page 579 of William M. (Mac) Thornberry National Defense Authorization Act) from acquiring by right, title, lien, claim, interest, etc. any land in the state of Utah, public or private.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 188Golf Related Water ModificationsRep. Doug WeltonThe owner or operator is to report the annual amount of water used in gallons and the source of the water during the previous year to the Division of Water Resources. The Division as well as the owner/operator of the golf course are both directed to publish the amount on their respective publically accessible websites. SupportHeld in CommitteeWater
HB 194 S2Motor Vehicle Dealer RequirementsRep. Colin Jack
Sen. Don Ipson
Prohibits a car dealership from adding on fees to a negotiated vehicle price that are not sales and use taxes, temporary permit fees, title fees, or vehicle registration fees. MonitorIn Senate CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 197Higher Education Financial Aid AmendmentsRep. Melissa Garff BallardAllows tuition for public institutes of higher education to be waived for members of certain tribes. SupportIntroducedEducation
HB 198Deceptive Trade Practices AmendmentsRep. James CobbUpdates the working definition of "deceptive trade practices" to include representing that a good or service has a sponsorship, appproval, characteristic, benefit, etc. that it doesn not have or are legally prohibited from having. It also includes making or disseminating claims about the product or service that are not true, or before the claims are known to be true. The bill also mandates that a person make the potential defendent of the product or service aware of any such practices before bringing legal action so that the defendent can have a chance to remedy the issue.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Regulation
HB 203 S2Inmate Education AmendmentsRep. Melissa Garff Ballard
Sen. Derrin Owens
Directs the Utah Board of Higher Education to coordinate with the Department of Corrections to establish educational programs for inmates. Cooperating institutions of higher ed are to provide student success advisors to incarcerated individuals. MonitorPassed the HouseWorkforce
HB 206Airport Land Use AmendmentsRep. Melissa Garff Ballard
Sen. Todd Weiler
Defines an airport overlay zone and encourages a political subdivision to adopt one in addition to notifying a person building on or developing land near an airport of the noise and overflights, and to build within the parameters of "Safe, Efficient Use, and Preservation of the Navigable Airspace" statute within 14 C.F.R. MonitorPassed CommitteeHousing

HB 215 S3Funding for Teacher Salaries and Optional Education AmendmentsRep. Candice Pierucci
Sen. Kirk Cullimore
Established the Utah Fits All Scholarship Program which would allocate an $8,000 scholarship for eligible parents to use toward private or home schooling, and doubles the state-educator salary adjustment.MonitorGovernor SignedEducation
HB 216Business and Chancery Court AmendmentsRep. Brady BrammerEstablishes the Business and Chancery Court for the entire state. This court will have jurisdiction over cases seeking monetary damages over $300K, claims arising from breach of contract or fiduciary duty, the sale, merger, or dissolution of a business organization, disputes over liability or indemnity of officers or owners, disputes between insurers and businesses, misappropriation of intellectual property, etc. If a party demands a trial by jury, the case will be transferred to the District Court. Representative Brammer's presentation can be found here.MonitorPassed the HouseBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 218Foreign Government Land Possession RequirementsRep. Kay ChristoffersonProhibits foreign governments or any entity owned or controlled by foreign governments from owning or acquiring property in Utah.MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Regulation
HB 220Emissions Reduction AmendmentsRep. Andrew StoddardDirects the Board of the Inland Port to inventory the various emissions within a project area, and create a plan to reduce emissions elsewhere by 1.1 units for every unit of particulate emission in a project area. Enacts the Pollution Emission Reduction Act which applies to Cache, Davis, Salt Lake, Summit, Utah, and Weber Counties. MonitorIntroducedAir Quality
HB 224Outdoor Recreation InititativeRep. Jeff StenquistThis bill allows partnerships between the Division of Outdoor Recreation to enter into partnerships to maintain, expand, restore, and improve recreational infrastructure.SupportIn Senate CommitteeBusiness Climate & Regulation
HB 229Teach Parental and Postpartum Recovery LeaveRep. Melissa Garff BallardDirects LEAs to establish parental leave policies for eligilble employees when their child is born, or they are in the process of adopting a child. Also directs the LEAs to establish postpartum leave policies. MonitorIn CommitteeWorkforce
HB 231Low Income Housing Property Tax ExemptionRep. Steve EliasonClassifies an entity that offers permanent supportive housing to formerly homeless individuals who receive a rent subsidy to cap their monthly rent at 30% of their income as a non-profit to be able to utilize the exclusive use property tax. SupportIntroducedHousing
HB 233County Land Use AmendmentsRep. Kera BirkelandRepeals provisions requiring certain counties to implement plans for creating a housing transit reinvestment zone as part of their moderate income housing plan.OpposeIntroducedHousing
HB 239Medical Record Access AmendmentsRep. Ray WardRequires certain hospital systems to collectively select a central repository that allows a health care provider to access patient information from a different healthcare system.MonitorIn CommitteeHealthcare
HB 240Income Tax AmendmentsRep. Nelson AbbottLowers the income tax rate from 4.85% to 4.65%. MonitorIntroducedFinance
HB 241Labor Union AmendmentsRep. Jordan TeuscherProhibits a public employee from deducting union dues from an employee's paycheck. Prohibits a public employer from using public funds or property to assist, support, or deter union activity. MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 243Public Transit Employee Collective Bargaining AmendmentsRep. Jon HawkinsProhibits supervisors and confidential, or managerial employees of a public transit district from engaging in collective bargaining, self-organization, or from forming, joining, or assisting a labor union.MonitorIn CommitteeWorkforce
HB 245Uninsured Motorist AmendmentsRep. Nelson AbbottIf an individual is going to submit a claim for payment of uninsured motorist benefits, they must submit documentation of healthcare received from their providers and insurance companies. The insurance carrier is to notify the claimant of any information that still needs to be sent and allow 30 days for the claimant to provide that information.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Regulation
HB 263Apprenticeship on Public Works RequirermentsRep. Jennifer Dailey-ProvostFor any public works contract enacted after July 1, 2023 with an estimated cost of $500,000 or more, there is to be an apprenticeship utilization requirement of 10% or more of the labor hours.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 271Educator Salaries Adjustments IncreaseRep. Angela RomeroThis bill has a clause that if passed, this bill would supercede the salary adjustment amendment (salary adjustment of $6,000) passed by bill HB 215 Funding for Teacher Salaries and Optional Education Opportunities and increases the salary adjustment to $10,200.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 272Water Efficient Landscaping AmendmentsRep. Doug OwensAppropriates $12.5M to water conservancy districts to provide incentives for landscaping conversion or for lawn/turf removal in an area without a landscaping conversion program. If this bill passes, it shall supercede the grant program referenced in SB 117 Water Efficient Landscaping Incentives. MonitorIntroducedWater
HB 276Water Supply AmendmentsRep. Phil LymanIf a municipality contracts to allot their surplus water to another entity for culinary or fire suppression purposes, they are to make sure there is adequate year-round supply. Restrictions apply in times of anticipated or actual water shortage. For municipalities who control less than 70% of the water rights and do not offer retail water, they cannot deny water to approved platted subdivisions with one or more lots already developed which also have been granted contract water. If the municipality refuses the water right to a subdivision of this nature, the municipality must buy back the platted subdivision. MonitorIn CommitteeHousing

HB 278First Responder Mental Health Services Grant ProgramRep. Ryan WilcoxCreates the First Responder Mental Health Services Grant Program. Grants are to be awarded to Public Safety retirees who are seekiing a post-secondary degree or certification from a USHE institution to become a mental health therapist. The grant me be the amount of tuition and fees for a maximum of $6000 a year. SupportIn CommitteeWorkforce
HB 280Local Government Construction Project Bid NoticeRep. Doug OwensDirects local entities to post bids for a building improvement or public works project at least five days in advance on the state procurement notice website.SupportIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Regulation
HB 281Social Credit Score AmendmentsRep. Cheryl Acton
Sen. Mike McKell
The Division of Consumer Protection is to establish and operate a system where consumers can report financial institutions or companies who use or create a social credit score system.
Also creates the "Social Credit Score Prohibition Act". This defines social credit score as any grading/categorization of a person based on their compliance or non-compliance with government guidance, social media posts, participation or membership in a lawful club, association or union, political affiliation, employment industry or employer, or based on the identity of the members of the person's social network, or other values based criteria. The act states that governmental entities may not use, enforce, or participate in the creation or use of a social credit score system.
MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Regulation
HB 282Child Care Center Sales Tax ExemptionRep. Christine WatkinsExempts materials used for the construction of a new or expansion of an existing child care program from sales and use tax. Set to be repealed in 2028.SupportIntroducedWorkforce
HB 283Unemployment Insurance AmendmentsRep. Trevor LeeThis bill would prohibit any individual from receiving an unemployment benefit if they fail to attend a scheduled interview for suitable work with an employer or fail to accept an offer for suitable work within two business days of being offered. The bill also directs the Department of Workforce Services to create a website where employers can access information about conduct that disqualifies someone from unemployment benefits, and instructions for detecting and reporting possible violations. The website is to also have a section where employers can also report potential violations.MonitorPassed CommitteeWorkforce
HB 285Department of Alcoholic Beverage ServicesRep. Walt BrooksAllows the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Services to retain the lesser of either 1.5% of their net profit, or a calculated amount (1.5% of the net profit averaged over two years). They are allowed to use these funds for equipment, technology, employee programs, or improving customer service.MonitorPassed CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 286Great Salt Lake Funding ModificationsRep. Joel BriscoeAllocates revenue from the 1/16% sales and use tax to go into the Great Salt Lake Fund until 2028.SupportIntroducedWater
HB 289Blockchain Provider RegistrationRep. Trevor LeeDirects the Utah Office of Regulatory Relief to administer the Noncustodial Blockchain Registry that will provide a registry of all noncustodial blockchain companies doing business in the state. MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 295Educator License AmendmentsRep. Norm ThurstonAllows individuals who complete certified educator training program to apply for and obtain an educator license without receiving a bachelor's degree.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 299Infrastructure Related to WaterRep. Casey SniderCreates the Water Infrastructure Fund and the Utah Boating Grant Account. The WIF is funded by State park entrance fees. Grants from this fund may be applied for by a water entity (dam or reservoir) associated with a state park to fund projects to mitigate impacts of recreational users. The UBGA is to be funded by statewide registration of watercraft, and these funds can be used for construction or repair of public boating facilities, water shoreline resource protections, drought access mitigation, alternative access for non-moterized watercraft, and Search and Rescue equipment.MonitorIntroducedWater
HB 301Transportation Tax AmendmentsRep. Mike SchultzIncreases vehicle registration by $5 for a yearly registration, and $3 for a 6-month registration. Instigates the Electric Vehicle Charging Tax which is to be levied on retail charging stations at a rate of 8%. Lowers the motor fuel tax to 15.6%.MonitorIntroducedInfrastructure
HB 307Utah Water WaysRep. Calvin MusselmanCreates the Utah Water Ways partnership to facilitate coordination of efforts for efficient water use. Efforts include sponsoring policy discussions about water supply, engaging the private sector to help support efficient water use, coordinating on water issues with other Departments, and promoting coordination of grants, rebate programs, or sponsorships that support the efficient use of water.MonitorIn CommitteeWater
HB 311Social Media Usage AmendmentsRep. Jordan Teuscher
Sen. Kirk Cullimore
Establishes the Utah Social Media Regulation Act. Prohibits social media companies from allowing Utah residents under the age of 16 to have an account on their platform unless their parent or guardian consents to their account and provides valid identification and a mailing/email address. Directs social media companies to use a third party to verify age via submission of valid identification for all existing accounts. For accounts of businesses or organizations, requires ID verification for the principal, owner, or officer who is authorized to speak on behalf of the business. MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 312Patient Medical Record Access AmendmentsRep. James DunniganPertains to medical records requesting--if a requestor has not received their medical records within 30 days of request, the health care provider cannot charge more than 50% of their established fee. If the requestor has still not received their records within 60 days of request, the provider cannot charge at all. MonitorIn CommitteeHealthcare
HB 318PRIME Pilot Program AmendmentsRep. Val PetersonA USHE institution shall award a TRANSFORM general education certificate to students who complete five gen. ed. courses via concurrent enrollment. For each student who receives this certificate, the Utah Board of Higher Education shall award a $500 scholarship for a USHE institution.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 319Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project AmendmentsRep. Scott ChewMakes the Uintah Basin Air Quality Research Project an ongoing project, and appropriates $150,000 for FY23 in addition to previously appropriated amounts. MonitorIn CommitteeAir Quality
HB 323Expungement Fee Waiver AmendmentsRep. James DunniganExtends the repeal date for expungement fee waivers and certificate of eligibility fee waivers. MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 324Workplace Violence Protective Orders AmendmentsRep. Tyler Clancy
Sen. Todd Weiler
Allows an employer to petition for workplace violence protective orders against individuals who commit violence in a workplace. Precludes an employer from civil liability if they seek the protective order in good faith, or if they fail to seek a protective order.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
HB 326Physician Licensing AmendmentsRep. James CobbDirects the Division of Professional Licensing to award a provisional license to an applicant who completed medical school and is licensed and has practiced as a physician and surgeon in a country outside of the U.S., who has passed the exam administered by the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates.MonitorIntroducedHealthcare
HB 331Microenterprise Home Kitchen AmendmentsRep. Christine WatkinsA political subdivision must approve the permit for operation of a microenterprise kitchen if they meet all state and federal regulations. MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 342Behavioral Health Services Access AmendmentsRep. Melissa BallardDirects the Utah Behavioral Health Advisory Commission to create a website that directs individuals to available mental health and substance use resources in their area and which of those resources require payment, insurance, or do not have a charge. MonitorIntroducedHealthcare
HB 346State Employee Wage Discrimination AmendmentsRep. Gay Lynn BennionRequires that State Employers pay their employees who perform substantially similar work the same rate and not discriminate based on sex. An employer may use a wage rate differential that determines wage based on a seniority or merit system, or the level of attained education, training, or experience. MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 349Water Reuse Project AmendmentsRep. Casey SniderProhibits authorizing water re-use projects that will prevent water tributaries flowing to the GSL. MonitorIntroducedWater
HB 353Sales Tax Return RequirementsRep. Jordan TeuscherProhibits a municipality from requiring an entity to obtain a sales and use tax license before granting them a business license. Only applies to entities who are tax-exempt.MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
HB 357Decentralized Autonomous Organizations AmendmentsRep. Jordan TeuscherThis bill allows for the creation of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which is an organization created by one or more smart contracts and that is governed by a group of individuals. The DAO can be classified as limited liability. MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
HJR 002 S1Joint Resolution Amending Rules of Civil Procedure on InjunctionsRep. Brady Brammer
Sen. Dan McCay
Constitutional amendment to require an applicant for restraining order or preliminary injunction to show that there is a substantial likelihood that their claim would prevail in a court of law. If a court had previously granted a written restraining order or injunction on the grounds that the case presented serious issues on the merits, the restrained party can move the court to reconsider whether the order or injunction should remain in effect. Brings the state statute in line with the federal statute. MonitorPassed Second ReadingRegulatory
HJR 011Joint Resolution for Establishing a State Social Cost of CarbonRep. Jennifer Dailey-ProvostResolution urging the state to develop the social cost of carbon (estimate of the long-term net damage to society caused by an increase in CO2 emissions) estimate, and using those estimates to form state policy to include a carbon tax. MonitorIntroducedAir Quality
SB 024 S1Advanced Air Mobility AmendmentsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Kay Christofferson
Unless an unmanned aircraft system or commercial advanced air mobility aircraft (which is subject to federal registration) has a certificate of registration from UDOT, they are prohibited from operating that aircraft. political subdivisions may require advanced air mobility businesses to create a license if they are not in good standing.SupportPassed the HouseInfrastructure
SB 026Rural Employment Expansion Program AmendmentsSenator Ron WintertonExtends the sunset of the Rural Employment Expansion Program and makes technical changesSupport To the GovernorWorkforce
SB 027 S3Transportation RevisionsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Kay Christofferson
Amends provisions related to station area plans for public transit and amends compensation for a member of the board of trustees of a large transit district. It amends a required local match of funds to qualify for certain transportation related funds. Clarifies the division of responsibilities within UDOT for oversight of capital development of public transit facilities. Amends provisions related to fees related to tow truck dispatch services.MonitorPassed CommitteeInfrastructure
SB 031 S1State Flag AmendmentsSen. Dan McCay
Rep. Mike Schultz
Officially adopts the final proposed state flag. MonitorIn the House
SB 034 S1Water Infrastructure Funding StudySen. Dan McCay
Rep. Walt Brooks
Directs the Department of Natural Resources to study the use of property tax revenue for costs related to supplying drinking and irrigation water infrastructure, treatment, and delivery. Part of this study would require the Department to review local governments' use of property tax revenue for construction, operation, maintenanace and replacement of water facilities. It also requires the Department to analyze and develop policies to ensure tax exempt entities contribute equally to the cost of water infrastructure paid for with property tax revenue as well as analyzing the effect of eliminating or reducing property tax revenue as a funding source for costs related to water infrastructure, treatment, or delivery.MonitorPassed CommitteeWater
SB 035 S2Professional Licensing by Endorsements Amendments Senator Curt Bramble
Rep. Cory Maloy
1) Creates a Compact for Physician's Assistants. Allows PAs in the compact to cross state lines to practice and allows for recirprocity. 2) Allows for individuals to be licensed based on their competencies. Utah has many individuals that may be immigrating from another country and they cannot be licensed and cannot work in their best professional capacity. Support Passed Second ReadingWorkforce
SB 048Energy Producer States' Agreement AmendmentsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Steven Lund
Directs the Legislature to participate in and appoint members to The Energy Council. Legislators are to participate in conferences and meetings and report activities to the Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment Interim Committee and the Public Utilities, Energy, and Technology Interim Committee. This council is made up of legislators from different energy producing states to discuss and collaborate on energy policy.MonitorIn the HouseEnergy
SB 053 S1Groundwater Use AmendmentsSen. Evan Vickers
Rep. Carl Albrecht
It is considered a beneficial use of water to artificially recharge an aquifer from a surface source.MonitorIn House CommitteeWater
SB 062 S1Hydrogen AmendmentsSen. David Hinkins
Rep. Steven Lund
Directs the Department of Natural Resources to establish a hydrogen advisory council within the Office of Energy Development. The council may help facilitate the use of hydrogen fuel within the state. It can also encourage cross-state cooperation with states that already have hydrogen programs and work with other stakeholders to recommend realistic goals and educate, discuss, and consult in hydrogen related matters. They can promote hydrogen research at USHE institutions and make recommendatons about how to qualify for federal funding for hydrogen projects. They can make recommendations pertaining to various forms of energy make recommendations to establish safety protocols for production, transportation, and handling of hydrogen within the state.SupportIn House CommitteeEnergy
SB 071Contractor Continuing Education AmendmentsSen. Jen Plumb
Rep. Steve Eliason
Allows certain nonprofit organizations to provide continuing education to licensed construction contractors.SupportIn CommitteeWorkforce & Education
SB 073 S1Gratuity AmendmentsSen. Stephanie Pitcher
Rep. Tyler Clancy
Provides opportunity for an employer to allow their tipped and non tipped employees to participate in a bona fide tip pooling or sharing arrangement in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938.SupportPassed the HouseWorkforce
SB 074Digital Wellness, Citizenship, and Safe Technology Commission AmendmentsSen. Derrin OwensExtends the repeal date for the Digital Wellness, Citizenship, and Safe Technology. However it also amends the Targeted Business Income Tax Credit in an Enterprise Zone, repealing it Dec. 31, 2024.MonitorIn the HouseTaxes & Regulatory
SB 075Sand and Gravel Sales Tax AmendmentsSen. Scott Sandall
Rep. Bridger Bolinder
Distributes the local sales and use tax revenue from sales made by ready-mix concrete manufacturers to each county, city, and town with a sand and gravel extraction site within its boundaries; specifies a formula by which the State Tax Commission apportions the revenue; and requires the county, city, or town to use the revenue for class B and class C roads.MonitorPassed CommitteeTaxes & Regulatory
SB 076 S1Water AmendmentsSen. Scott Sandall
Rep. Casey Snider
Initiates a regional planning committee that will coordinate efforts with the Division of Water Resources on water conservation, water transportation and land use elements to promote water preservation. This planning process will consider feedback from regional jurisdictions to evaluate long term water plans, infrastructure needs and prioritize those needs.MonitorIn House CommitteeNatural Resources
SB 078 S1Naturopathic Physician Licensing AmendmentsSen. Keith Grover
Rep. Brady Brammer
Establishes and enhances the lines of potential conflict of interest for naturopathic physicians. It requires Naturopathic physicians to restrain from referring individuals or prescriptions to entities where immediate family has ownership and interest. There are exceptions including various disclosure statements for referring individuals and only selling or providing remedies or dietary supplements that are consistent with defined Federal Food Drug and Cosmetics Act rules.MonitorIn the HouseHealthcare
SB 080 S1Driver License Suspension and Revocation AmendmentsSen. Stephanie Pitcher
Rep. Ryan Wilcox
Provides opportunities for individuals, who have had their Driver’s license revoked or suspended, to be able to shorten the time of that suspension or revocation by completing court approved drug or problem solving programs.MonitorIn House CommitteeWorkforce
SB 082 S2Sales Tax AmendmentsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Steve Eliason
Requires sellers to renew their tax exemption certificate if more than 12 months pass since they last used the certificate in a transaction.SupportPassed CommitteeTaxes & Regulatory
SB 084Housing and Transit Reinvestment Zone AmendmentsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Casey Snider
This bill amends provisions related to the objectives and required characteristics of a housing and transit reinvestment zone. It restricts how much land a proponent county may own within a housing and transit reinvestment zone. It requires a housing and transit reinvestment zone proposal to include certain maps of the proposed area. It requires the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity to provide notice to certain relevant entities after receiving a housing and transit reinvestment zone proposal. It also requires the State Tax Commission to provide feedback to a housing and transit reinvestment zone regarding the State Tax Commission's ability to administer the tax implications of the proposal. Lastly, it amends the membership of the housing and transit reinvestment zone committee.SupportIn House CommitteeHousing
SB 090Automobile Franchise AmendmentsSen. Curt Bramble
Rep. Steve Eliason
Makes changes to the New Automobile Franchise Act requiring an automobile franchisor to provide certain written disclosures for potential vehicle buyers. It also provides reasonable compensation to a franchisee assisting a customer whose vehicle was subjected to an over the air or remote change, repair, or update. It also amends requirements for changes to a franchisee's retail labor rate and retail parts markup.MonitorIn House CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 091 S1Medical Cannabis Regulation AmendmentsSen. Evan Vickers
Rep. Walt Brooks
Amends provisions related to medical cannabis production and removes the cap on licenses for independent medical cannabis testing laboratories. It also repeals provisions regarding hemp waste and requires additional warning labels for certain products. It requires heavy metal testing for medical cannabis vaporizer cartridges and allows the Department of Agriculture and Food to ban ingredients found in medical cannabis upon the recommendation of a public health authority.MonitorPassed Second ReadingHealthcare
SB 095Foreign Driver License Reciprocity AmendmentsSen. Jerry Stevenson
Rep. Candice Pierucci
Allows the Driver License Division to negotiate and establish the process and rules to enter into a driver license reciprocity agreement with a foreign jurisdictions.SupportPassed CommitteeWorkforce
SB 096Fiduciary Duty ModificationsSen. Chris WilsonDirects fiduciaries to only consider financial factors when investing government funds. Violations of this section include fiduciaries that make commitments to the elimination, reduction, offset, or disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, or if a fiduciary institutes or assesses a board of directors, implements employment, composition, compensation or disclosure criteria that incorporates race, color, sex, pregnancy, religion, ancestry, or national origin. The bill also prohibits state funds from being invested with fiduciaries that refuse to do business with companies who do not meet certain environmental standards, or with those who refuse to do business with companies that deal in the firearm industry. Prohibits state funds from being invested in companies that provide access to abortion or sex characteristic surgical procedures.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 097Public Contract RequirementsSen. Chris Wilson
Rep. Rex Shipp
Prohibits a public entity from entering into a contract with a company who engages in certain environmental boycott actions. This includes companies that engage in the exploration, production, utilization, transportation, sale or manufacture of fossil fuels or its byproducts. It also prohibits entering into contracts with companies who do not meet or commit to meet environmental standards including standards for eliminating, reducing, offsetting or disclosing greenhouse gasses.OpposeIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 102Broadband Service ModificationsSen. Karen KwanGrants rulemaking and regulating authority to the Public Service Commission and requires them to report their work annually to the Pulbic Utilities, Energy and Technical Interum Committee.Monitor In CommitteeTech
SB 110Background Check ModificationsSen. Keith GroverRequires an employee, contractor, or volunteer who has direct contact with a child to obtain a background check every 60 months, and requires a person to obtain a background check for an individual before deciding whether to engage that individual in a position where the individual will have direct contact with children. Additional provisions outlined, including privacy of background checks and those not incompliance being charged with a class C misdomeaner.MonitorIntroducedWorkforce
SB 111Cosmetologist/barber Licensing AmendmentsSen. Keith GroverExpands the practice for a person licensed as a cosmetologist/barber to permit microneedling under certain circumstances where the needle does not exceed 1.5 millimeters under the skin.SupportHeld in CommitteeWorkforce
SB 113 S1Local Agricultural AmendmentsSen. Scott Sandall
Rep. Casey Snider
Modifies the authority of a political subdivision to enact regulations regarding animal enterprises and working animals, It provides certain exceptions, but, prohibits a city or a county from adopting or enforcing an ordinance or other regulation that prohibits operation of an animal enterprise or the use of a working animal.MonitorPassed CommitteeNatural Resources
SB 115Notice of Tax Sale RequirementsSen. Keith GroverThe county auditor would now be required to provide notice of a tax sale of a delinquent property, by publication on the Utah Public Notice Website, not a newspaper.MonitorIn CommitteeTaxes & Regulation
SB 116Local Health Department ModificationsSen. Mike KennedyThis bill alters authority of a local health department from requiring an individual to quarantine to recommending an individual to quarantine during a public health emergency.MonitorIn CommitteeHealthcare
SB 118 S1Water Efficient Landscaping IncentivesSen. Scott Sandall
Rep. Doug Owens
Authorizes water conservancy districts to receive grants to in turn provide incentives for owners of property for water efficient landscaping.SupportPassed CommitteeWater
SB 119Per Capita Consumptive UseSen. Mike McKellThis water usage bill Introduces the adoption and reporting of per capita consumptive use of water in certain areas of the state. A standardized formula for calculating the per capita consumptive use as well as reporting the numbers to the Division of Water rights is outlined. It also addresses the publication, or dissemination of consumptive water use numbers and compliance for specific agencies to work within those per capita usage numbers.MonitorPassed Second ReadingWater
SB 120Property and Contraband AmendmentsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Ken Ivory
Establishes the requirements for retaining property and contraband as evidence, including the time periods for retention; establishes the requirements for not retaining property and contraband as evidence; establishes the requirements for preserving evidence from property or contraband that is not required to be retained by an agency; provides the procedure for requesting the release or disposal of evidence that an agency determines is not required to be retained by an agency; addresses the retention of property or contraband as an exhibit;MonitorPassed CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 121Car-sharing AmendmentsSen. Mike McKellEnacts provisions relating to business platforms that connect motor vehicle owners with drivers to enable the sharing of motor vehicles. Enacts consumer protection provisions relating car-sharing programs, including: driver requirements, disclosures, agreements, liability and insurance for claims while vehicle is under a car-sharing program.SupportIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 123 S3Boards and Commissions ModificationsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Karen Peterson
Repeals and amends provisions related to certain boards and commissions.MonitorPassed CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 125Transportation Infrastructure AmendmentsSen. Chris WilsonDesignates the ASPIRE Engineering Research Center at Utah State University as the research center for strategic planning for electrification of transportation infrastructure in this state. It creates and outlines duties of a steering committee and requires the creation of an industry advisory board
to assist in the direction of the research center and initiative. It oulines necessary reports on the proposed action plan and goals of the initiative.
SupportHeld in CommitteeInfrastructure
SB 126Hospital Assessment AmendmentsSen. Evan Vickers
Rep. Steve Eliason
Amends factors that the Medicaid program incorporates into the accountable care organization payment rate structure and extends the sunset for hospital provider assessments. It repeals and re-enacts Utah Code for various health commissions and committees.MonitorPassed CommitteeHealthcare
SB 127 S1Cybersecurity AmendmentsSen. Wayne Harper
Rep. Jefferson Burton
Creates the Utah Cyber Center and outlines it’s duties. Amends duties of Cyber security commission and amends the disclosure requirements for any cyber security breach and report them.Support Passed CommitteeTech
SB 130Health Information Privacy RequirementsSen. Kirk CullimoreCreates requirements that certain entities must follow when obtaining consent to access or share information through a closed loop referral system (i.e. government, health care or any regulated entity). And it outlines notification requirements for a breach of system security for a closed loop referral system.MonitorIn CommitteeHealthcare
SB 131Motor Vehicle Insurance AmendmentsSen. Lincoln FillmoreIncreases the minimum motor vehicle insurance coverage limit from $15,000 to $50,000 for property damage in an accident, and from $80,000 to $100,000 in any one accident whether arising from bodily injury or death of others, or from property damage.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 133Modifications to Postpartum Medicaid CoverageSen. Wayne HarperThis bill addresses Medicaid for postpartum women extending a woman’s coverage up to 12 months after a birth, miscarriage or stillbirth.MonitorPassed CommitteeHealthcare
SB 137Medical Cannabis AmendmentsSen. Luz Escamilla
Rep. Ray Ward
Allows the cannabis research review board to make recommendations to the Department of Agriculture and Food regarding substances found in cannabis products. It allows the Department of Health and Human Services to revoke a medical cannabis patient card and allows certain physician assistants to diagnose post-traumatic stress syndrome for the purpose of recommending medical cannabis. It also allows the Compassionate Use Board to review the recommendation of a cannabis product that must be vaporized. Medical providers can recommend it virtually. It establishes continuing education requirements for providers. It consolidates background checks of providers and allows target marketing. MonitorPassed CommitteeHealthcare
SB 138Fraudulent Ticket Sales ModificationsSen. Scott SandallMakes out-of-state online ticket resellers subject to the Ticket Website Sales Act. It also adds provision for the buying and selling of speculative tickets including limiting the number of tickets a reseller can buy.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 139Motor Vehicle Consumer Data ProtectionSen. Chris WilsonOutlines data storing and accessing of consumer data that is allowed between auto dealer franchises and their franchisees.MonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 144Water Instream Flow AmendmentsSen. David HinkinsAllows for certain change applications related to delivery of water to reservoirs.MonitorPassed CommitteeWater
SB 145Higher Education for Incarcerated Youth Program AmendmentsSen. Kathleen Riebe
Rep. Carol Spackman Moss
Utah Tech University provides higher ed for Incarcerated Youth Program and this bill expands the program to include students held in detention.MonitorPassed CommitteeEducation
SB 146 S1Higher Education Governance AmendmentsSen. Ann MillnerThe Board of Regents would change to the State Board of Higher Education. It creates, within the U of U the Office of the Commissioner of the Utah System of Higher Education for the purposes of shared administrative services including aligning technical programs across the state as well as a review of institutions and programs every 7 years. It creates performance-based pay for university presidents and a system for succession within the state for the position of university president.MonitorPassed CommitteeEducation
SB 152Social Media Regulation AmendmentsSen. Mike McKell
Rep. Jordan Teuschere
Creates the Utah Social Media Regulation Act. It requires social media companies to verify the age of Utah users and obtain consent for users under the age of 18. It prohibits direct messaging with individuals under age 18. It may not show a minor's account in search results and does not allow advertising to, collect of, or sharing of or use of personal information from the account of minors. It outlines that these companies may not target or suggest ads, accounts, or content to minors and will limit hours of access, subject to parental or guardian direction. It requires social media companies to provide a parent or guardian access to accounts of minors. Directs the Division of Consumer Protection to receive and investigate complaints of violations of the requirements established under the act and impose administrative fines for violations. Authorizes enforcement through civil penalties and judicial process. Requires fines and civil penalties to be deposited into the Consumer Protection Education and Training Fund. Requires an annual report from the division.MonitorPassed CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 153Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity AmendmentsSen. Ronald WintertonRequires the Governor's Office of Economic Opportunity to report certain information regarding reinvestment agencies to the Legislature. It expands the nonvoting membership of the Unified Economic Opportunity Commission and adjusts provisions relating to the office's authorization of tax credits and the awarding of loans and grants. It eliminates the limits on funds from the State Small Business Credit Initiative Program Fund for administration. It modifies provisions for grants under the Economic Assistance Grant Program and Establishes the Redevelopment Matching Grant Program for awarding grants to local governmentsMonitorIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 158Water Exactions AmendmentsSen. Mike McKellEstablishes an exaction for municipalities to use as a basis for water interests in residential developments. The exaction would be based on the municipalities water usage data over the past 5 years or an average of other municipalities that have collected data across the state.MonitorIn CommitteeWater
SB 160Blockchain Liability AmendmentsSen. Kirk CullimoreCreates a cause of action for fraudulent transactions that have been committed on a blockchain that has the technology implemented to allow reversal of transactions. Creates an administrative agency action to allows the reversal of these fraudulent transactions and authorizes the Attorney General's Office to operate a node on a blockchain that allows them to reverse fraudulent transactions.SupportIn CommitteeBusiness Climate & Economy
SB 161Advanced Air Mobility RevisionsSen. Wayne HarperRequires the Department of Transportation (UDOT) to study the following items related to advanced air mobility: 1) vertiport locations and infrastructure, 2) implementation strategies of advanced air mobility technologies, 3) unmanned traffic management infrastructure, and 4) the creation of an advanced air mobility sandbox. Requires UDOT to provide a report to the Transportation Interim Committee and for UDOT to use existing departmental funds to cover the costs of the study.SupportIn CommitteeInfrastructure
SB 164Food Tax AmendmentsSen. Luz EscamillaEliminates sales and use tax for any eligible item under the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC).SupportIntroducedTaxes & Regulation
SCR 06Concurrent Resolution Regarding the Great Salt Lake Elevation TargetsSen. Nate BlouinDescribes status of Great Salt Lake and recommends the adoption goals to devise and implement policies, incentives, and funding sources to return the Great Salt Lake to optimal levels.SupportHeld in CommitteeWater
SCR 08Concurrent Resolution Promoting Kindness in UtahSen. Curtis BrambleRecognizes Utah citizen's inherent proclivity to be kind and urges continued support for proactive acts of kindness to foster a healthier society.SupportIn Committee
SJR 001Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution--Revenue and TaxationSen. Dan McCay
Rep. Steve Eliason
Currently, primary residences receive a 45% property tax exemption. This bill is a constitutional amendment that would make 45% the floor and allow the government to increase that percentage. If that exemption were to increase it would likely create a larger property tax on commercial property. The government is entitled to the same property tax revenues and if it can’t get it from residential it will have to come from commercial.OpposeIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
SJR 08Joint Rules Resolution - International Relations and Trade CommitteeSen. Jacob AndereggRemoves the repeal date that applies to the International Relations and Trade Committee.MonitorIntroducedBusiness Climate & Economy
SR 001Senate Resolution Supporting Washington D.C. StatehoodSen. Nate BlouinProclaims that the Senate of the state of Utah supports admitting Washington, D.C. into the Union as a state of the United States.MonitorIn Committee