We, the signers of the Utah Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion, affirm that all people are created equal under God. A racially equitable state requires us to act and create a society in which race and ethnicity do not determine or limit value, opportunity, and life outcomes.

We also affirm two key principles on which everyone can agree: That all Utahns must have a truly equal opportunity to prosper, and that economic inclusion is essential to creating these opportunities.

We view racism as more than just an individual character flaw. It is a system of ideas, beliefs, practices, structures, and policies that give some people greater opportunity to be fully human and live a happier and healthier life than others. Unraveling centuries of internalized and systemic racism requires bold anti-racist actions and policies right now.

We pledge to advance behavior on an individual, business, and government level that will establish priorities and laws that create equal opportunity and access for all.

We likewise pledge to foster cultures of inclusion in every aspect of our organizations and society while addressing social injustice and inequality, and condemning all forms of prejudice, bigotry, and discrimination.

We believe many of our nation’s societal ills can be solved by providing equal opportunity and access to education, employment, housing, and healthcare.

We further recognize that we must listen and learn from each other, realizing that as we deepen our understanding of differences, we can, in turn, be better understood.

Therefore, we commit to, and invite other Utahns to commit to, these anti-racist principles and actions:

1. Acknowledgement and action – We acknowledge that racism exists, and our actions make a difference. We call out racism wherever we see it and take purposeful steps to stop it.

2. Investment – We invest our time and resources to create greater opportunity for people of color. Eliminating racial and ethnic disparities requires our significant effort and investment.

3. Public policies and listening – We advance solutions to racial ills by listening and creating policies that provide equal opportunity and access to education, employment, housing, and healthcare.

4. Engagement – We engage to effect change. Broader engagement, equitable representation, and deeper connection across social, cultural, and racial lines will uphold the principle – “nothing about us, without us.”

5. Movement, not a moment – Utahns unite behind a common goal to create equal opportunity. We affirm our commitment will not just be a passing moment, but a legacy movement of social, racial and economic justice.


Ruth Ann Abbott
Owner, Abbott Enterprises

Jeff Acerson
Trustee, Utah Transit Authority

Chaitanya Achan
President, Sri Ganesha Hindu Temple of Utah

John Acker

Stacee Adams

Senator J. Stuart Adams

Adrienne Andrews
AVP for Diversity & Chief Diversity Officer, Weber State University

Carl Aldrich
Vice President of Advocacy, Utah Museums Association

Theodora Alesana
President & CEO, Excape Exit LLC

Hayder Allkhenfr
Refugee Health and TB Program Director, Utah Department of Health

Adam Allred, MBA
Vice President, Community Banker, Zions Bank


Cheryl Altman

Ciriac Alvarez Valle

A. Scott Anderson
President and CEO, Zions Bank

Claudia Anderson

Dan Anderson

John Angus
Deputy Director, Utah Department of Technology Services

Dr. Ruth Angerbauer

George Angerbauer

Justin Anderson
Vice President of Sales & Marketing, Daily Hope Publishing

Silvia Araoz
Director, Everywhere Hope

Representative Patrice Arent

Catherine Arik
Senior Vice President, Zions Bank

Beth Armstrong
Executive Director, People’s Health Clinic

Kathryn Armstrong

Roger Armstrong
Attorney, Roger L. Armstrong, Esq. LLC

Jaydon Arslandan

John Arthur

Karla Arroyo
Director, Multicultural Counseling Center

Pamela Atkinson
Community Advocate

Kirk Aubry
President and CEO, Savage

Frederick W. Axelgard

Kimball Ball

Elizabeth Baker

Luna Banuri
Utah Muslim Civic League

Aden Batar
Director of Migration and Refugee Services, Catholic Community Services of Utah

Deborah Barlow

John Barrand
Chief People Person, State of Utah

Danielle Baum
University of Utah

Tim Beaty

Trevor Bee
Senior Director, Micron Technology Utah

Lindsay Beebe

Mayor Andy Beerman
Park City

Bonnie Jean Beesley

Professor Steven A. Bell

Bryan Beltram

Mary Bendio-Whitaker

Marc Bennett
Chief Executive Officer, Comagine Health

Rachel Bennett

Samuel Benson

Cami Berger
Utah Health and Human Rights

Stacy Bernal
DEI Trainer, See Stacy Speak LLC

Shawn Beus
Reg. SBDC Director, Weber State University

The Honorable Jackie Biskupski
35th Mayor of Salt Lake City

Tracy Blackwell

Edward Blake
CEO, Salt Lake Valley Habitat for Humanity

Mikel Blake

Shawn Bliss
Bookmobile Librarian, Utah State Library

RD Boardman, PhD

Jill Bonsteel
School Counselor, Davis School District

Jose Borjon
Head Consul, Consulate of Mexico in Salt Lake City

Carlos Braceras
Executive Director, Utah Department of Transportation

Jim Bradley
Member, Salt Lake County Council

Miranda Bradshaw

Isla Bragg
General Manager, Slalom Salt Lake City

Andrea Brandley

Ian Brandt
Owner, Vertical Diner and The Jade Room

Kelly Bricker

Rep. Joel Briscoe

Peter Bromberg
Founder & Principal, Bromberg Consulting LLC

Steven R. Brosvik
President & CEO, Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Rob Brough
Executive Vice President, Zions Bank

Deborah Brown
Business Owner, PaRicDe Enterprise, LLC

Tim Brown
President/CEO, Tracy Aviary

Stephanie Brown
The Homemaker

Ari Bruening
CEO, Envision Utah

Bethany Bryant

Ashley Bunton

Stephanie Burdick
Community Health Advocate

Brad Burgess
Relationship Manager, Axos Bank

Martha Burkett Fallis
Co-founder & Co-director, Amethyst Center for Healing

Jeff Burton

Margaret Busse
Executive Director, Utah Department of Commerce

Yasir Butt
Imam Religious Muslim Leader, Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake

Craig Buttars
Commissioner, Utah Department of Agriculture and Food

Cherie Byars
Development Director, Inclusion Center for Community and Justice

Maria Caballero

Steven Calbert

Josh Caldwell
Business Development Executive, Mortenson

Anita Call

Lauren Call
Founder and CEO, Packd/Call Foundation and FJM Impact Fund Director

Casey Cameron
Interim Executive Director, Utah department of Workforce Services

Mayor Blair Camp
Murray City

Nikki Campbell
Strategy Manager, Office of Governor Spencer J. Cox

Laurel Cannon Alder

Robin Carbaugh
President, Carbaugh Associates – Planning, Design, Policy

Tyson Carbaugh-Mason

Paloma Cariello
University of Utah

Teresa Carlson

Warren Carlson

Janos Carpenter
Utah State Hospital

Thom Carter
Governor’s Energy Advisor, Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Energy Development

Angel Castillo
Chair, Criminal and Juvenile Justice, Ogden NAACP

Edward Castro Bennett
Director of Business Development, Suazo Business Center

Silvia Castro
Executive Director, Suazo Business Center

J. Janell Cerva

Neelam Chand

Max Chang

Dan Chase
Director of Leadership & Organizational Development, Department of Human Resource Management, State of Utah

Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck
Community Advocate, Aspira Public Affairs

Matt Checketts

Angela Choberka

Patricia Christensen

Carlton J. Christensen
Chair, Utah Transit Authority

Kaerli Christensen

Kent Christensen
Tax Partner, Haynie & Company

Patricia Christensen

Lisa-Michele Church
Utah State Board of Higher Education

Laura Chynoweth
CEO, Granted Fundraising Consultants

Tiffany Clason
Executive Director, Utah Department of Alcohol Beverage Control

Doyle Clayburn
President, Utah Symphony Guild Board

Carrie Cochran
Chair, Board of Pardons and Parole

Pres. Noelle Cockett
Utah State University

Marc Coles-Ritchie
Board Chair, Mormon Environmental Stewardship Alliance

Chris Conard
Executive Director, Playworks Utah

Chris Conard
Director, Full-Time MBA, University of Utah

Karen Cope

Jessie Corbridge
Certified Social Worker, Utah Health and Human Rights

Kim Cordova
Executive Director, Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

McKinlee Covey

Governor Spencer J. Cox
State of Utah

Gordon Crabtree
CEO, University of Utah Health-Hospitals & Clinics

Dr. Forrest C. Crawford

Bill Crim
United Way of Salt Lake

Brittney Cummins
Education Advisor, Governor’s Office

Kyle Curtis
President, SLC, R&R Partners

Virginia Curtis Lee
Attorney, Law Office of Virginia Curtis Lee

John D’Arcy
(Retired) Executive Vice President, Zions Bank

Kathie Darby
Commissioner of Diversity, Ogden City

Liz Darger

Suzanne Dailey
Vice President, Grounds for Coffee

Representative Jennifer Dailey-Provost

Piper Danielson

James Davie
Station Manager, PBS Utah

Pastor France Davis

R. Jeffery Davis
Senior Hydrogeologist, Barr Engineering

Brooke Day

Danielle Day

Tracey Dean
Chairwoman, Utah LGBTQ+ Chamber of Commerce

Steve DeBry
Councilman, Salt Lake County Council

Aundrea DeMille
Cox/Henderson Equality & Opportunity Policy Committee

Sophia DiCaro
Executive Director, Governor’s Office of Management & Budget

Cameron Diehl
Executive Director, Utah League of Cities and Towns

Quinn Dietlein
Executive Director, Hale Centre Theatre

President Beth Dobkin
Westminster College

Rosalva Dominguez
Councilwomyn, Murray City

Katie Donoviel
Executive Director, English Skills Learning Center

Tim Doubt
Assistant Chief of Police, Salt Lake City Police Department

Stan Drasutis
GEAR UP Coordinator, Granite school District

Lisa Duckworth
Veteran Employment Representative, State of Utah, Workforce Services, Veteran and Military Employment Services

John Dunbar
Managing Partner, Dunbar Family Properties

Kevin Dustin
Director of Athletics, Salt Lake Community College

Danene Dustin
Global Sales Executive, Morris Meetings & Incentives

Rebecca Dutson
President and CEO, The Children’s Center

Dallas Earnshaw
Superintendent – CEO, Utah State Hospital

Lisa and Hope Eccles

Kristen Edwards
Chair, Cox/Henderson Equality & Opportunity Policy Committee

Trudy Ellis

Kevin Emerson
Building Efficiency and Decarbonization Director, Utah Clean Energy

Danielle Endres

Enriching Utah Coalition

Marie Erickson
Library Resources Program Manager, Utah State Library

Xia Erickson
Director, Office of Public Guardian, Utah Department of Human Services

Scott Evans
Founder, Pago Restaurant Group (Pago, Finca, East Liberty Tap House, Hub & Spoke Diner)

Angela Fagerlin
University of Utah

Shelby Falabella

Kevin Fayles
Acting Director, Utah Division of State History

Susi Feltch-Malohifo’ou
CEO/Director, Pacific Island Knowledge Action Resources (PIK2AR)

Thierry Fischer
Utah Symphony Music Director, Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Tom Fisher
County Manager, Summit County

Jake Fitisemanu, Jr.
Utah Pacific Islander Health Coalition

Chuck Foster
American Indian Ed. Specialist, USBE

Stephanie Fowler
Speech Pathologist, Communication Journeys

Cecilia Foxley
Former Utah Commissioner of Higher Education

Theresa Foxley
President & CEO, EDCUtah

Jay Francis
President & CEO, South Valley Chamber

Jeremy Franklin

Stephanie Frohman

Ginger Frost

Stacie Frost

Geri Gamber
Executive Director, Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments

Maria Garciaz
CEO, NeighborWorks Salt Lake

Christian Gardner

Kem Gardner

Regnal Garff
Program Director, Office of Policy & Special Projects, Utah Department of Human Services, Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Alisha Garrett
Chief Enterprise Strategy Officer, Utah Transit Authority

James Gaskill

Laurel Gaskill

Mark Gaylord
Ballard Spahr, LLP

Evie Gerontis

Shireen Ghorbani
Salt Lake County Council

Sheryl Ginsberg

Barbara Gingery

Sharlee Glenn
Founder, Mormon Women for Ethical Government & Everyone Belongs Project

Natalie Gochnour

Lateisha Golub

Carolyn M. Gonot
Executive Director, Utah Transit Authority

Maximillian Gonzales
Project Manager, Utah Education Network

Michael Good
University of Utah Health

Ron Gordon
General Counsel, Utah Governor’s Office

Xander Gordon
Clinical Director, Utah Health and Human Rights

Jodi Graham
Executive Director, Utah Humanities

Michelle Graves
Deputy Director of Arts and Events, St. George City

Darius A. Gray
Founder, Genesis Group, LDS Church

Brian Greef
Managing Director, Operations, Goldman Sachs & Co. LLC, Salt Lake

Colonel Joseph Green
Chief of Staff, Utah Army National Guard

Peggy Green
Executive Director, Iron County Care and Share

Missy Greis
Owner, Publik Coffee, Publik Kitchen, Publik Ed’s

Christina Granger

Andrew Gruber
Executive Director, Wasatch Front Regional Council

Tracy Gruber
Executive Director, Utah Department of Human Services

Andrea Guevara
Traffic Signal Engineer, Utah Department of Transportation

Ernesto Guevara
Industria Cubana

Dr. William Guillory
CEO, Innovations International

Jeff Gull
JSB Prosper

Summer Gunn
Clinical Instructor, Utah State University

Mike Haddon
Director 0f Administrative Services, Utah Board of Pardons and Parole

Jeremy Hafen
President, Clyde Companies, Inc.

Karen Hale

Brett Hales
Mayor, Murray City

Kay Hall
CFO, Zions Bank

Joan Hammer

Nathan Hanamaika
Multicultural Commission

Art Hansen
Assistant Superintendent, Weber School District

Tracy Hansford
Community Arts Coordinator, Utah Division of Arts & Museum

Miles Hanson
President & CEO, World Trade Center Utah

Justin Harding
Senior Advisor, Office of the Governor – State of Utah

Michael Harris
Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Officer, Utah Department of Human Resources

Marc Harrison

Representative Suzanne Harrison

Timothy Harrison
United Way of Salt Lake

Gary Harter
Executive Director, Utah Department of Veteran & Military Affairs

Dr. Rob Harter
Executive Director, Christian Center of Park City

Taylor Hartman
Digital Marketing Coordinator, PBS Utah

Representative Jon Hawkins
Utah House of Representatives

Alisa Haws

Bishop Scott Hayashi
Episcopal Church of Utah

Howard Headlee
Utah Bankers Association

Andrew Heaton

Lt. Governor Deidre M. Henderson
State of Utah

Christina “CJ” Hernandez
Diversity Affairs Coordinator, Ogden City

Deanna Herring
Deputy Executive Director, Utah State Tax Commission

Jeff Herring
Chief Human Resource Officer, University of Utah

Alexandra Hesse
Executive Director, The Leonardo

Benj Heuston
CEO, Waterford.org

Moe Hickey
CEO, Voices for Utah Children

Isaac Higham

Chris Hill
Deputy Commissioner and General Counsel, Utah Labor Commission

Hilltop United Methodist Church

Ronald Hilton
President, Proximal Systems Corporation

Andrea Himoff
Founder, Action Utah

Dean Hirabayashi
President/CEO, JACL

Lorraine Hoffman
Certified Nutritional Consultant, Healthy Me Health Foods, LLC

Beth Holbrook
Trustee, Utah Transit Authority

Representative Sandra Hollins

Nels Holmgren
Director, Utah Division of Aging and Adult Services,

Joleigh Honey

Lucy Houser

Emma E. Houston
CEO/Owner, Brighter Day Productions, LLC

Rachel Howe

BD Howes

Teresa Sanchez Howes

Dixie Huefner
Utah Citizens’ Counsel

Bonnie Huff

President Deneece Huftalin
Salt Lake Community College

Ronell Hugh
Head of Product Marketing, Adobe Experience Platform, Adobe Inc.

Bridget Hughes
University of Utah

Mike Hussey
Chief Information Officer, State of Utah

Jon Huntsman, Jr.

Paul Huntsman

Oz Hutton
CEO, Melange, LLC

Richard Hyer

Inclusion Center for Community and Justice

Winston Inoway

Ryan Ireland

Senator Jani Iwamoto

James Jackson III
Executive Director, Utah Black Chamber

Zach Jacob
City Council Member, West Jordan City

Vanessa Janak

Richard Jaramillo

Annette Jarvis
Shareholder, Greenberg Traurig, LLP

Erin Jemison

Brian Jensen

Cory Jensen

Michael Jensen
Councilmember, Salt Lake County Council

Matthew Jepson

Amber Johnson

Chaundra Johnson
State Librarian, Director of the Utah State Library, Department of Cultural and Community Engagement

Ed Johnson

Jace Johnson

Julie Johnson

Kenneth Johnson
Multicultural Retention Counselor with African Diaspora Focus, Weber State University

Michael Johnson
CEO, HOALiving (FCS)

Redge Johnson
Director, Governor’s Public Lands Office

Sondra Jolovich-Motes
Executive Director Equity & Access, Ogden School District

Patricia Jones

Sara Jones
Co-Founder, Women Tech Council, CEO InclusionPro

Dayna Jones Shoell

Christina-Mai Just
United Way of Salt Lake

Wendi Jutkins

Dr. Katherine Kamachi

Richard Kanner

Nolan Karras
Chair, Karras Company, Inc.

Troy Keller

Elizabeth Kelly

Scott Kendall
Associate Partner, Global Leader Group

Richard Kendall

April Kennedy
Reader’s Advisor, Utah State Library

John Kesler
President, Salt Lake Civil Network

Steve Keyser
CEO, Utah Paperbox Co.

Hanko Kiessner
CEO, Packsize International, LLC

Lea Lani Kinikini, PhD

Liz Kinne
Partnership Manager, Grant Pro Group

Jessica Kinsey
Director/Curator, Southern Utah Museum of Art

Katherine Kittrell
President, Micro Villas

Louise Knauer

Deneiva Knight
External Affairs Director, Comcast NBCUniversal

Kevin M. Korous, PhD

Ravi Krovi
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs, Weber State University

Ephraim Kum
Student Body President, University of Utah

Naresh Kumar

Mauricio Laguan
University of Utah

Patricia Lake

Fred Lampropoulos

Katrina Lantz

Latinos In Action

Latter-day Saints Democrats Caucus

Kristen Lavelett
Executive Director, Local First Utah

G. Edward Leary
Commissioner of Financial Institutions, Utah Department of Financial Institutions

Alisa Lee
Indian Child Welfare Administrator, Division of Child and Family Services

Gretchen Lee
Executive Director, Mountain Meditation Center

Jason Lee
Creator & co-host, Voices of Reason Podcast, Loudmouth Media, LLC

Ken Leetham

Trina Limpert

Jenean Lindley
Owner, J Lindley Enterprises LLC

Kasey Lindley

Stephen Lisonbee
Senior Advisor of Rural Affairs / Assistant Vice President, Governor / Southern Utah University

Warren Lloyd
Owner,Principal, Lloyd Architects

Leah Lobato
Director, Governor’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, Utah State Office of Rehabilitation

Naja Pham Lockwood
Community Advocate, Found and CEO, RYSE Media

R. Chet & Jennifer P. Loftis

Caray Long

Joey Lopez
Program Manager, MarketStar

Jill Love
Director Department of Heritage and Arts

Thomas M. Love
President, Love Communications

Michelle Love-Day
Love-Day Educational Consulting

Barbara Lovejoy

Crystal Low
Executive Vice President, Zions Bank

Tasha Lowery

Scotty Lowry
Co-Founder, Know Your Force

Frank Mack
Executive Producer, Utah Shakespeare Festival

Dr. Susan R. Madsen
Professor, Utah State University

Mandi Makoni
Founder, Synergy Family Services

Siya Mali
Morgan Stanley

Simba Maponga
Vice-Chair, Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Coalition

Oreta Mapu-Tupola
UPHA/University of Utah/PIK2AR

David Marchant

Cameron Martin
Vice President of Operations/Chief of Staff, Rocky Mountain University

Lais Martinez

Sonya Martinez-Ortiz
Rooted Soul Consulting and Counseling & Rape Recovery Center

Peggy Marton

Jane Marquardt

Mark Maryboy

Abdoulaye Massaly

Christine Mason
Grant Writer, Encircle

Steve Mason

Katie Matisohn

Kena Mathews

Jaceson Maughan
Labor Commissioner, Utah Labor Commission

Jennifer Mayer-Glenn
Utah Neighborhood Partners, Utah Symphony | Utah Opera

Christopher McBeth
Utah Opera Artistic Director,

Karen McCandless
Executive Director, Community Action Services and Food Bank

Alayne McCormick

Dale McCormick

Caitlin McDonald
Commissioner, Utah Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Commission

Darlene McDonald
Director, 1Utah Project

Peggy McDonough Jan
President, MHTN Architects, Inc.

Michelle McGaughey

Rich McKeown

Scott McLeod
Founder & President, Catalyst Consulting SLC

Dana Meier
Area Manager/Vice President, WSP USA

Brooklyn Merchant

Paul Mero

Mayor Erin Mendenall
Salt Lake City

Chris Metz

Enid Mickelsen

Gail Miller
Owner and Chair, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Derek Miller
President & CEO, Salt Lake Chamber

Lynn Miller Jackson
Lead Pastor, Hilltop United Methodist Church

Joanne R. Milner
Our Story/Your Story

Barry Moniak
Fearless Leadership Advisory Consultant, barrymoniak.com

Kiri Monks

Fernando Montano

Mike Moon

Amy Moore
Vice President, Zions Bank

Diane Moore
Director, Division of Child and Family Services

Mikelle Moore
Intermountain Healthcare

Pat Moore
Training Director, Utah Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Mormon Women for Ethical Government – Utah

President Brad Mortensen
Weber State University

Michael Morris
EVP/COO, Zions Bank

Pastor Oscar T. Moses
Calvary Baptist Church

Michael Mower
Senior Advisor, Utah Governor’s Office

Jenalee Moynier
Diversity Officer, Uintah Basin Technical College

P. Jeff Mulitalo
Deputy Director, Utah Department of Human Resource Management

Teri Mumm
Bombshell Media

Ben Nadolski
Ogden City Council

Tanya Nagahiro
Social Service Worker/Section Manager, Salt Lake County Aging & Adult Services

Jennifer Napier-Pearce
Senior Advisor, Director of Communications, Office of the Governor

Shawn Neider

Tarah Neujahr Bryan
Chief Brand and Communications Officer, Health Catalyst

Kris Nicholl
Sandy City Council

Joshua Nielsen
Assistant Director, Property Tax Division/Utah State Tax Commission

Richard Nielsen
Founding President/CEO, Rocky Mountain University

Brian Nielson
Director, Utah Department of Corrections

Shawn Newell
VP, NAACP UT Chapter, Utah Multicultural Commission, SLCC Board of Trustees

Michael Nixon
Founder, The Outdoor Adventure Crew

William Nixon
Chairman and CEO, Policy Impact Strategic Communications

David Novak
Health Insurance Broker for Seniors, Novak Enterprises Inc.

Marilyn Nowell-Bown

Yvonne Nsabimana-Baraketse
Founding President, Ngoma y’Africa Cultural Center

Cheryl Nunn
Co-chair, Northern Utah Chapter, Glsen

Jennifer Nuttal
Executive Director, Neighborhood House Association

Dr. Tino Nyawelo
Multicultural Commission

Rich Nye
Superintendent, Ogden School District

Ogden City Council

Karen Okawa

Kola Okuyemi
Professor of Family and Preventive Medicine, University of Utah

Stewart Olsen

Susan Olson

Margaret Olson
Summit County Attorney

Joél-Léhi Organista
Founder & CEO, Machita Inc

Mario Organista
League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) Council 44016

Teresa Organista
Founder, Casa Quetzalcoatl

Jacquelyn Orton
Commissioner, Utah Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control

Conner Owens

Liz Owens

Antonella Packard
Co-Founder, Silicon Slopes Latino

Karla Padilla

Michael Palumbo
Music Director and Conductor, Chamber Orchestra Ogden

Sui Lang Panoke
Senior Vice President Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Zions Bank

Asha Parekh
Utah Refugee Services Office Director, Department of Workforce Services

Cassandra Parkin

Gilbert Parkin

Jessica Parkin

Nicole Parkin

Samantha Parkin

Shelly Parkin

Rebecca Parr
Statewide Employment and Labor Relations Director, Utah Department of Human Resource Management

Dinesh Patel

Kenneth Payne

Randall Payne

Nubia Peña
Director, Utah Division of Multicultural Affairs

Brett Peterson
Director, Division of Juvenile Justice Services

David Peterson
President & CEO, Haynie & Company, CPAs.

Karen Peterson
Director of Legislative Affairs, Office of the Governor/Lt. Governor

Wendy Peterson
Deputy Chief Human Resources Officer, University of Utah

Wendy Peterson
Title VI Coordinator, Granite School District

Michael Perlman
Director of Business Growth, Jan-Pro/SaniGLAZE of Utah

Tyrone Perry
Owner, Smokeys BBQ and Grill

Nancy Pierce

Jon Pike
Insurance Commissioner, State of Utah

Nancy Pinto-Orton
President, Onstage Ogden Board

Plan-B Theatre’s Board of Trustees

Mayor Kelleen Potter

Lori Ann Potter

Cynthia Proctor

Scott Pulsipher
President, Western Governors University

Shari H. Quinney

Candie Quintana
Director of Public Relations & Development, TURN Community Services

Eileen Quintana
Nebo Title VI Program Manager, Nebo Title VI Indian Edu.

Julianne Rabb
Alkali Counseling

Mara Rabin, MD
Medical Director, Utah Health & Human Rights

Meredith Rabino

Heather F. Rayburn

Eric Rea
Cofounder and CEO, Podium

Sara Reed

Frank Rees
Dr./ Superintendent, Utah State Developmental Center

Jenney Rees
Executive Director, Department of Administrative Services

Ryan Reeves
Product Manager, Podium

Stuart Reid

Alysa Revell
Executive Director, Bountiful Davis Arts Center

Cristina M. Reyes
Utah State Library

Kimberly Reynolds
OAC Program Director, Utah Valley University

Wendy Rex-Atzet
State Coordinator, National History Day in Utah, Utah Division of State History

Patricia A. Richards
(Retired) Senior VP, Regional Manager, Wells Fargo Private Bank

Holly Richardson

Chyleen Richey
Executive Deputy Director, Department of Corrections


James Roberts
Managing Partner, Redirect Digital

Christopher Robinson
CEO, The Ensign Group, L.C.

Zach Robinson

José Rodríguez, MD, FAAFP
Associate Vice President, University of Utah Health

Ray Rodriguez

Rebecca Rodgers

Liz Rojas Lazaro

Representative Angela Romero

Ross Romero
Inclusion Strategies

Amanda Romualdo

Mestre Jamaika Romualdo
Salt Lake Capoeria

Tom Ross
Executive Director, Commission on Criminal and Juvenile Justice

Erin Rothwell
University of Utah

Dee Rowland

Dalene Rowley

Kate Rubalcava
Chief Executive Officer, Utah Nonprofits Association

Jacob Rugh
Associate Professor of Sociology, Brigham Young University

Byron Russell
Co-Chair, Utah Multicultural Commission/Multicultural Advisory Committee to the COVID-19 Response

Adam Ryan
Managing Director- Airport Operations SLC, Delta Air Lines

Katie Sales

Salt Lake County

Vickie Samuelson
Co-President, League of Women Voters Utah

Michelle Sanchez
JJS Diversity Equity Inclusion Director

Rich Saunders
Executive Director, Utah Department of Health

Betty Sawyer
Co-Founder, Project Success Coalition

Betty Sawyer
President, NAACP Ogden Branch – National Association for the Advancement of Colored People

Suzanne Sawyer
Sawyer Speech and Language Therapy, LLC

Lex Scott
Founder, Black Lives Matter Utah

Robbyn and Craig Scribner

Craig Scribner
CDS Holdings

Kathy Searle
VP of Utah Programs, Raise the Future

Richard Segal
Founder, Segal Foundation Inc

Kohs Semnani

Cyndi Sharkey
City Council Member At-Large, Sandy City

Maquel Shaw

Bridge Shears
Commissioner, Utah MLK Human Rights Commission

Kim Shelley
Interim Executive Director, Department of Environmental Quality

Linda Shelton

Jeremy Shinoda

Rev. Jeff Silliman
Executive Presbyter, Presbytery of Utah, Presbyterian Church (USA)

Ann Silverberg Williamson
Executive Director, Utah Department of Human Services

J. Bradley Simons
Vice President, Magleby Construction

Soren Simonsen
Executive Director, Jordan River Commission

Mayla Slack
Multicultural Advisor, Brigham Young University

Brayden Smith

Dave Smith
President, Penna Powers

Glori Smith

Jennifer Smith
EVP Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Zions Bancorporation

Jodi Smith

Lynda Smith

Martin Smith

Rick Smith
University of Utah

Sarah Anne Smith

Sheila A. Smith

Scott Smith
Executive Director, Utah State Tax Commission

Tyler Smith

Maurice Smith
Urban Indian Center

Bettina Smith Edmondson
Councilwoman, Layton City

Tanya Snelson
Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions

Bishop Oscar Solis
Catholic Diocese of Salt Lake City

Alan Sparrow

Rabbi Samuel Spector
Congregation Kol Ami

Scott Sperry
Chief Operating Officer, O.C. Tanner Company

Brian Spittler
Head of Communications, Podium

Whitney Staheli
Southern Utah Museum of Art

Michael Stapley

Steve Starks
CEO, Larry H. Miller Group of Companies

Representative Jeff Stenquist

Doug Stephens
Ogden City Council, Ogden City

Malena Stevens
Summit County Council

Michael Stevenson
Chair, Utah Democratic Black Caucus

Bryon Stock
General Manager, Chevron Salt Lake Refinery

LaDawn Stoddard
Director, UServeUtah

Lana Stohl
Deputy Director, Utah Department of Human Services

Jana Stoneman

Shane Stowell
Leadership Advisory Consultant, Spencer Stuart

Cameron Stringham

Thomas Szalay

Eric Tadehara
Assistant Director, Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Carolee Taggart

James Taggart
President, Ogden-Weber Technical College

Archana Thiagarajan

Chase Thomas
Executive Director, Alliance for Better Utah & Better Utah Institute

Doug Thomas
Director, Utah Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health

Beth Thompson
PR Director, Malouf

Carol Thompson

Karece Thompson
City Council, Clearfield City

Carla Thorup

Isael Torres
Utah Health and Human Rights

Rocío Torres Mora

Taylor Throne

Carla Koons Trentelman

Martin Tristani-Firouzi
Professor, University of Utah

Miguel Trujillo

President Astrid Tuminez
Utah Valley University

Michael J. Turley
Major General – The Adjutant General, Utah National Guard

Kim Ulibarri
Chief People Officer, Utah Transit Authority

UCLR | Utah Coalition of La Raza

Utah Department of Human Services

Utah Health and Human Rights

Utah Latinx Youth Symposium

Utah Transit Authority

John L. Valentine
Commissioner, Chairman, Utah State Tax Commission

Jeffrey Van Hulten

Jami Van Huss
Director, Hyrum City Museum

Hallie Van Patten
Commissioner, Ogden City

Pilar Varela
Administration Manager, University of Utah Health

Christine Villarreal

Mary Ann Villarreal
University of Utah

Marcus Volk
Right of Way Lead Agent, Utah Dept. of Transportation

Craig Wagstaff
Dominion Energy

Jennifer Wakefield
Recruitment Director, Utah Department of Human Resource Management

Tiffeni Wall
Executive Assistant & Scheduler, Governor’s Office

Nikki Walker

Russell Walker

Mayor Troy Walker
Draper City

Natalie Walker Whitlock
Founder, Impact China

Kelly Ward
Regional President, Central Utah Region, Zions Bank

Mike Washburn
President & CEO, Thanksgiving Point Institute, Inc.

President Ruth Watkins
University of Utah

WCF Insurance

LaVarr Webb

Michelle Webb
VP of Institutional Effectiveness, Rocky Mountain Unversity

Tom Webb

James Webster

Representative Elizabeth Weight

Senator Todd Weiler

Matthew Weinstein
Co-chair, Congregation Kol Ami Social Action/Social Justice Committee

Jennifer Wesselhoff
President & CEO, Park City Chamber of Commerce

Andrew Weyrich
Vice President for Research, University of Utah

Melarie Wheat

Marcia White

Ruth White
Outreach Director, Utah Cultural Alliance

Kelly Whited Jones
Chair, GLSEN of Northern Utah & The Utah Equal Rights Coalition

David Whitlock

David Wicai
Utah STEM Action Center

Carla Wiese
Public Facilitator/Community Planner, The Langdon Group

Sylvia Wilcox

Bryce Williams
Board Member, Salt Lake City School Board

Jeanetta Williams
President, NAACP Salt Lake Branch

President Richard Williams
Dixie State University

Robin Williams

Troy Williams
Executive Director, Equality Utah

Mayor Jenny Wilson
Salt Lake County

Rhett Wilson
Director, Upstart Operations, Waterford.org

Kent Winder

Representative Mike Winder

Nate Winters
Deputy Director, Division of Juvenile Justice Services

Aimee Winder Newton
Councilwoman, Salt Lake County

Brad Winn
Executive MBA Director, Utah State University

Andi Witczak

Charlotte Wolff

Jena C. Woodbury
Executive Director, Ririe-Woodbury Dance Company

Megan Woods

Joseph Woolley

Dave R. Woolstenhulme
Commissioner, Utah System of Higher Education

Becki Wright

Deborah Wright

Sarah Wright
Executive Director, Utah Clean Energy

William Wright

Ze Min Xiao
Director, Mayor’s Office for New Americans, Salt Lake County

Muriel Xochimitl
President & CEO, X-Factor Strategic Communications

Brian Yazzie

Andy Young

Shane Young
Internal Audit Director, Utah Department of Transportation

Crystal Young-Otterstrom
Executive Director, Utah Cultural Alliance


Zions Bank Board of Directors

Rabbi Avremi Zippel
Chabad Lubavitch of Utah

*Click here to download the Utah Compact on Racial Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion PDF.