The Salt Lake Chamber is asking businesses to take the Water Champion H2Oath to conserve water. 

The state of Utah is experiencing a record dry year with temperatures soaring past normal.  Soil moisture reached exceptionally low levels not previously seen since soil moisture monitoring began in 2006, and low soil moisture has already adversely affected the spring runoff. The state’s reservoir storage has decreased, along with forecasts for the spring runoff.  

The Salt Lake Chamber and Utah’s business community acknowledge that water is our most precious natural resource. We recognize that how we manage water today will affect nearly every aspect of our future. We acknowledge that Utah is experiencing an unprecedented drought, and we all need to do our part to protect and efficiently use the water supply. We know that the water supply is not endless, and it is important for us all to change our behavior patterns to conserve this essential resource.  Additionally, the dry vegetative conditions have contributed to an increased and prolonged threat of wildfire across the state.  

We ask for your support to address water conservation in Utah by taking the H2Oath, Utah’s Water-Wise Pledge.

By taking the Water Champion H2Oath, your business pledges to: 

  • Use the Utah Division of Water Resources as a resource to implement water-efficient methods, technologies, and practices;
  • Adopt the Weekly Lawn Watering Guide and limit watering landscapes between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m., which supports Governor Spencer J. Cox’s executive order to state facilities;
  • Audit and repair all landscape irrigation systems so they are operating at maximum acceptable efficiency;
  • Implement leak-detection and repair programs for both indoor and outdoor water use; 
  • Shut off systems manually during rain and wind events in areas without rain and wind sensors;
  • Evaluate opportunities to: 
    • Fix irrigation inefficiencies and update irrigation technology with devices that are WaterSense certified and include rain and wind shutoff functions and soil moisture sensors; 
    • Limit turf areas surrounding facilities and replace turf with waterwise plants;
    • Conduct periodic checks of restrooms, boiler rooms, etc., to ensure appliances are working at maximum efficiency, and consider the replacement of inefficient plumbing fixtures with WaterSense certified low-flow fixtures;
    • Update facility-management technology to include metering for water-consuming processes related to irrigation, domestic, and mechanical systems;
  • Be an advocate of water efficiency by setting an example and help educate friends and neighbors on the importance of water conservation, and reduce indoor water waste.

We are confident that with these processes in place and supported by a statewide collective effort, we can successfully navigate this drought and emerge more effective than ever before when it comes to our water stewardship.


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