7 02, 2024

Wasatch Security Awareness: A Small Business Solution for Cyber Security

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According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, small businesses make up 99.9% of all U.S. businesses. What’s more, Utah has been credited as the most pro-small business state in America, thanks to our state’s pro-business initiatives and support systems. Each month, the Salt Lake Chamber will highlight a small business in Utah to emphasize its [...]

20 04, 2022

Speaking on Business: Utah Valley University – Cybersecurity

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The Salt Lake Chamber · Speaking on Business: Utah Valley University - Cybersecurity This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Utah Valley University took first place last year in a national cybersecurity competition, beating out West Point, Duke, Georgetown, and the Naval Academy. Leading UVU’s efforts is Brandon Amacher, who is encouraging every business to [...]

7 04, 2022

Zero Trust Access 101 Webinar

By |2023-06-22T15:19:19-06:00April 7th, 2022|Blog, Webinar|0 Comments

The dangers associated with complex enterprise design has led to the development of a new model for cybersecurity known as Zero Trust. A Zero Trust approach is primarily focused on data and service protection but can and should be expanded to include all enterprise assets. Learn from our panel of experts who discuss [...]

4 04, 2022

President’s Message: Prioritizing Your Cyber Risk Management

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Cyberattacks against government targets and business infrastructure garnered major headlines last year. From ransomware and spyware to zero-days and phishing, the number of targets and capabilities of bad actors continues to grow. Any actions taking place online deserve our highest consideration for protection and defense. Cyber attacks cannot only cripple key infrastructure and business functions, [...]

25 03, 2022

Now is the Time: Protect Yourself From Cyberattacks

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This week the Biden Administration released a statement on the importance of businesses having a cybersecurity strategy and the appropriate levels of protection. The memo suggests Russia is evaluating potential cyber targets in the United States. While specifics of the threat are unknown, business and community leaders cannot afford not to plan or protect their [...]

22 03, 2022

Speaking on Business: AT&T

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The Salt Lake Chamber · Speaking on Business: AT&T This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business.  The average cost of a cyberattack on a small firm last year was more than $25,000, with larger companies losing even more. Tara Thue, the president of AT&T’s Mountain West States division, explains how her firm is helping businesses [...]

3 03, 2022

WEBINAR: What Utah Businesses Must Do for Data Privacy and Security

By |2023-06-28T15:04:12-06:00March 3rd, 2022|Blog, Policy, Webinar|0 Comments

The webinar What Utah Businesses Must Do for Data Privacy and Security discussed what businesses will face in 2022 and what they need to do to protect their data. Cybersecurity expert, Kevin Taylor of Comcast, shared more on: The increase in cybercrime in Utah Where Utah businesses are most vulnerable Why remote working [...]

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