This is Derek Miller, Speaking on Business. Alliance House is a Salt Lake City-based nonprofit that provides a supportive environment for adults living with mental illness, operating on the pillars of education, employment and housing. Executive Director Paige Huff joins us with more.

Paige Huff: 

Alliance House is part of a program called Clubhouse International, which helps communities across 32 countries find solutions for those living with mental illness. Our organization takes a unique approach to working with these individuals as we are not clinical and do not provide therapy or medication. Rather, we are a deliberate community where members — not clients — are seen for their talents, strengths and abilities. 

At Alliance House, we help members complete educational goals, develop necessary work skills to return to productive employment in the community, and even secure affordable housing.

Our organization is deliberately understaffed so that members can volunteer their time to help run Alliance House, side by side with other members and staff. Through this, we develop meaningful relationships, and our members gain confidence and purpose to integrate into the larger community.

If you’re interested in donating or getting involved, visit our website at alliance

Derek Miller:

Alliance House’s mission is to rebuild confidence, purpose, and community in the Salt Lake area through education, productive work and meaningful relationships. Learn how you can help at their website. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.