This is Derek Miller Speaking on Business. Aric Bostick has spoken to over half a million educators and corporate employees and tells us today about, “The Power of Attachment-informed Leadership.” It’s an important topic for any business, so here’s Aric to discuss the training he provides.


In a recent Salt Lake Chamber President’s Message, you mentioned the “5 Love Languages of Business,” and wrote that, “Business, at its core, is about relationships.” I completely agree with you.  

Relationships are vital to the success of any company. A leader who doesn’t understand the science of relationships (known as attachment theory), is like a surgeon who doesn’t understand anatomy and physiology. That’s a disaster waiting to happen! To move organizations forward, leaders must understand what creates and maintains the emotional connection between employees and the organization. That’s what I teach.

I show leaders how to guide others in ways that make employees feel safe, seen and supported, which results in increased employee satisfaction, maximized productivity, and increased retention – helping your business thrive. For more information on how to help your employees, go to That’s Aric with an “A” and Bostick with a “ck.”


The U.S. military and most corporations continually train their leaders in best management practices and leadership qualities. Why? Because it works. If you’re looking for an enthusiastic trainer for your organization, give Aric Bostick a call today. I’m Derek Miller with the Salt Lake Chamber, Speaking on Business.