Utah’s business community has always recognized the need for quality education to build a talented workforce and support a strong economy for the state’s future. In light of our continued growth, it is imperative that we prioritize education funding to ensure high-quality teachers and the resources necessary to help students achieve greater outcomes.

The Salt Lake Chamber is proud of the role it plays to facilitate the collaboration between government, education, and industry partnerships by strengthening relationships between leaders in the public and private sectors, sustaining open and regular channels of communication, and coordinating working groups on important issues and among myriad industries and community interests.

Utah consistently ranks high in student performance despite having the lowest per-pupil expenditure in the nation. As education continues to build the foundation for our future, the state must be dedicated to securing the necessary resources for even greater success.

With Utah’s growth, student enrollment for K-12 increased 43% in the last 20 years. Though demographic projections over the next 40 years anticipate a decline in the growth rate, prioritizing education funding remains vital.

Utah School Age Population Estimates and Projections 2000-2040

Member Survey Results on Education Funding

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