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The Salt Lake Chamber support America’s free enterprise system as the best way to grow the economy, stimulate innovation and create jobs. This includes championing Utah’s enviable life quality and commitment to the greater good. We create and sustain model partnerships with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED), Economic Development Corporation of Utah (EDCUtah), World Trade Center Utah, the Downtown Alliance, Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses, Utah Small Business Coalition, the David Eccles School of Business, as well as chambers of commerce and business associations and other like-minded entities to drive economic development.


  • Data-driven policy – We support strengthening resources for policy makers and the public to implement evidence- based policy and informed decisions based on data.
  • International trade and investment – We support efforts to grow Utah’s export base and attract foreign investment dollars through key partnerships, trade missions, the hosting of dignitaries and training on international trade opening markets.
  • Downtown rising – We will encourage significant public and private developments that enhance downtown’s place as the primary location for business, creativity and culture. The long-term health and prosperity of downtown Salt Lake City is a benefit to our entire state.
  • Homeless services – We recognize that state and local communities throughout our state all have important roles to play in planning and funding the facilities, services, housing and long-term strategies to address homelessness. This critical issue is an economic and moral challenge, but our community is better prepared than most to find systemic and collaborative solutions.
  • End panhandling – We support proactive communications efforts led by the Homeless Outreach Service Team (HOST) and Downtown Alliance to educate the public about the importance of supporting community organizations that are dedicated to helping the homeless and ending panhandling. We also support enforcement of existing ordinances and laws that curtail aggressive panhandling.
  • Economic resilience – We support efforts to strengthen Utah’s economic capacity to endure local, national and international economic changes and significant disasters.
  • Rural economic development – We support rural economic development efforts that advance infrastructure investment and grow export opportunities.
  • Military affairs – We work actively to strengthen the relationships between Utah’s military and defense communities with the broader business community, including championing efforts to support our veterans, National Guard and active duty service members and their families.
  • Broadband – We support the Utah Broadband Outreach Center as a public-private approach to expanding broadband access and infrastructure, enhancing reliability and increasing speed, to keep Utah a leader in economic development.
  • Cyber security – We support efforts that improve business awareness of cyber threats and enhance legal certainty, protection and response capabilities to mitigate cyberattacks. We also support efforts to develop cyber security- focused workforce and economic development opportunities.
  • Unmanned systems – We support efforts to foster an unmanned systems industry, which presents a unique economic development opportunity to leverage existing strengths and further diversify our economy.
  • Sustain USTAR – We support the mission and continued funding of the Utah Science Technology and Research initiative as a critical component to promote entrepreneurship and economic growth.
  • Downtown innovation district – We will join with key partners to develop an innovation district in Utah’s urban center. An innovation district will cluster and connect leading-edge anchor institutions and companies with start-ups, business incubators and accelerators. This transformative investment is critical for Utah’s ability to grow in ways that align with disruptive economic forces.

To see specific principles, positions or priorities for Economic Development, Jobs and Growth, please see the 2016 Public Policy Guide.


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Utah can remain on the leading-edge of job creation by leveraging transformational investments, prioritizing our future workforce and empowering entrepreneurs to innovate the new economy.
Jacob Boyer, President, The Boyer Company, Economic Development Chair, Salt Lake Chamber