28 12, 2015

Research and Development Performance

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According to its 2014 report, the National Science Foundation ranks Utah 17th in the United States for total R&D performance, including all in-state R&D performance of the business sector, universities and colleges, federal agencies, federally funded research and development centers, and federally funded nonprofit R&D.[74] Importantly, R&D expenditures cluster and “sort” in ways that underscore [...]

9 12, 2015

Prosperity Through Education: Household Income

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THE IMPACT OF EDUCATION ON GDP Utah household income in 2013 was $59,770,[51] which is only slightly higher than household income in 1997, when it was $57,938.[52] Utah’s 3.3 % growth in household income from 2012 to 2013 was third highest in the country, behind only Wyoming and Alaska, but this could be attributed to [...]

1 12, 2015

Utah Business Leaders Don Running Shoes and ask the Community to Join in the Race to the Top Ten in Education

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Prosperity 2020 and Education First share 2016 legislative priorities to help create a more educated workforce by 2020 SALT LAKE CITY, Dec. 1, 2015 - Prosperity 2020 and Education First members put on their running shoes and invited local business leaders, legislators and educators to join them in the Race to the Top Ten in [...]

20 11, 2015

A Tale of Two Cities

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According to Diamond, one need look no further than Detroit and Boston to see the reality of spatial skill sorting and its impact on local economies. Historians might easily look back on the past 20 years of these two communities and exclaim: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it [...]

6 11, 2015

UBR Recap: November 2-6

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November 2, 2015 As a business community, we recognize that transportation is the backbone of our economy. That is why we support Prop 1. Prop 1 helps communities invest in infrastructure close to home, such as roads, trails, sidewalks, maintenance and increased bus service. As population in our state increases, Prop 1 will help solve [...]

22 10, 2015

Business Community Issues Report Card of Utah’s Legislative Efforts to Take the State Into the Top Ten in the Nation in Education

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Prosperity 2020 and Education First are calling on education and policy leaders to focus on the plan's objectives to assure the state’s ongoing prosperity SALT LAKE CITY, Oct. 22, 2015 – A packed Salt Lake Chamber board room heard principals of Prosperity 2020 and Education First present a 2015 Prosperity Through Education Report Card highlighting the [...]

12 10, 2015

College Educated Workers Congregate Together

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All across the country, communities “are dividing themselves into two distinct groups, with college-educated workers increasingly clustering in desirable places that less-educated people cannot afford.”[1] Describing this trend, Rebecca Diamond, Assistant Professor of Economics at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, explains: In 1980, the average college graduate earned 38% more than the average high [...]

9 10, 2015

UBR Recap: October 5-9

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October 5, 2015 The fall has arrived which means school is back in full-swing. The recent survey by Envision Utah showed that nearly 80 percent of Utahns favored an education scenario that would elevate Utah to rank in the Top Ten states for education. Becoming a top 10 state requires that we invest in education. [...]

14 09, 2015

Improving the Economic State of Utah Through Education

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Diagnostic #1: Gross Domestic Product (GDP) GDP in Utah. While Utah’s GDP has been growing at a significant rate (3.8% in 2013), it is still the 19th lowest in the country.[1] Utah’s GDP growth to date has been primarily fueled by durable goods manufacturing, finance/insurance, and retail. Industries such as real estate, agriculture, mining, and [...]

10 08, 2015

Education = Earnings

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The Impact of Education on Wages The data is clear that wages substantially increase with higher levels of education. The College Board’s Education Pays 2013 report states: “Median earnings of bachelor’s degree recipients with no advanced degree working full time in 2011 were $56,500, $21,100 more than median earnings of high school graduates. Individuals with [...]