The Salt Lake Chamber proudly recognized the achievements of Utah legislators today with the presentation of the 2024 Legislative Business Champion awards. These awards honor those who have notably supported the Chamber’s priorities for building and preserving Utah’s business friendly climate during the 2024 General Legislative Session.

During the 2024 session, the Salt Lake Chamber diligently tracked and monitored 236 business-related bills. This year, an impressive 90% of bills, specially highlighted by the Chamber, passed the legislature. In this effort, the Chamber focused on tackling critical issues such as Utah’s housing shortage, preparing for growth and how to best utilize water resources, creating business-friendly AI regulation to protect consumers, and strengthening the talent pipeline between higher education and the workforce. In addition, 100% of the bills opposed by the Chamber did not pass. 

“We recognize and appreciate the cohesive efforts from our business community and legislature, both focused on ensuring new laws help foster innovation and business success. Our appreciation extends to the collaborative efforts of bill sponsors, legislative leadership and especially our stakeholder partners who helped advocate for bills, keeping Utah as the business-friendly place we know it to be,” said Derek Miller, president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “An achievement like this would not be possible without business leaders coming together in a show of strength for Utah’s continued success.”

This year, 72 lawmakers were honored with the Legislative Business Champion Award (full list below), which is bestowed upon those who supported at least 90% of the Chamber’s priority votes. 

Legislators of the Year Awards were presented to the following legislators:

  • Sen. Kirk A. Cullimore – Recognized for his pivotal role in shaping business-friendly legislation, notably in the realms of artificial intelligence and housing.
  • Rep. James A. Dunnigan – Honored for his leadership in infrastructure financing which facilitates new housing developments to meet growing demand.

The Chamber also extended special recognition to Amanda Covington, chief corporate affairs officer of The Larry H. Miller Company, who was awarded the 2024 Member Business Legislative Champion award for her significant contributions to legislative initiatives that foster community development and economic growth.

The awards were presented at a special ceremony attended by the Chamber’s Board of Governors and Circle Level Members at the Little America Hotel, celebrating the collective efforts that continue to position Utah as a leader in business and economic development.

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Awardees from the House of Representatives

  • Speaker Mike Schultz
  • Representative Cheryl K. Acton
  • Representative Carl R. Albrecht
  • Representative Melissa Garff Ballard
  • Representative Stewart E. Barlow
  • Representative Gay Lynn Bennion
  • Representative Bridger Bolinder
  • Representative Joel K. Briscoe
  • Representative Scott H. Chew
  • Representative Kay J. Christofferson
  • Representative Tyler Clancy
  • Representative James F. Cobb
  • Representative Paul A. Cutler
  • Representative Jennifer Dailey-Provost
  • Representative Ariel Defay
  • Representative James A. Dunnigan
  • Representative Steve Eliason
  • Representative Brett Garner
  • Representative Stephanie Gricius
  • Representative Katy Hall
  • Representative Sahara Hayes
  • Representative Sandra Hollins
  • Representative Colin W. Jack
  • Representative Dan N. Johnson
  • Representative Marsha Judkins
  • Representative Brian S. King
  • Representative Jason B. Kyle
  • Representative Rosemary T. Lesser
  • Representative Anthony Loubet
  • Representative Matt MacPherson
  • Representative A. Cory Maloy
  • Representative Ashlee Matthews
  • Representative Carol Spackman Moss
  • Representative Jefferson Moss
  • Representative Calvin R. Musselman
  • Representative Michael J. Petersen
  • Representative Thomas W. Peterson
  • Representative Val L. Peterson
  • Representative Susan Pulsipher
  • Representative Casey Snider
  • Representative Robert M. Spendlove
  • Representative Jeffrey D. Stenquist
  • Representative Andrew Stoddard
  • Representative Mark A. Strong
  • Representative Jordan D. Teuscher
  • Representative R. Neil Walter
  • Representative Raymond P. Ward
  • Representative Christine F. Watkins
  • Representative Stephen L. Whyte
  • Representative Ryan D. Wilcox

Awardees from the Senate

  • President J. Stuart Adams
  • Senator David G. Buxton
  • Senator Kirk A. Cullimore
  • Senator Luz Escamilla
  • Senator Lincoln Fillmore
  • Senator Keith Grover
  • Senator Wayne A. Harper
  • Senator David P. Hinkins
  • Senator Don L. Ipson
  • Senator Karen Kwan
  • Senator Michael K. McKell
  • Senator Ann Millner
  • Senator Stephanie Pitcher
  • Senator Jen Plumb
  • Senator Kathleen A. Riebe
  • Senator Scott D. Sandall
  • Senator Jerry W. Stevenson
  • Senator Daniel W. Thatcher
  • Senator Evan J. Vickers
  • Senator Todd D. Weiler
  • Senator Chris H. Wilson
  • Senator Ronald M. Winterton