Utah Valley University (UVU) is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Seth Jenson as the new director of the Entrepreneurship Institute. Jenson assumed his role in January 2024 and has already made significant strides in advancing UVU’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial excellence.

With a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial strategy and innovation ecosystems, Jenson joins UVU from the prestigious University of Oxford, where he lectured and conducted groundbreaking research. His expertise and passion for community building, innovation, strategy, and experiential learning make him an invaluable addition to the Entrepreneurship Institute.

“We’re thrilled to welcome Seth to the Woodbury School of Business,” said Woodbury School of Business Dean Robert Allen. “His arrival signals a new chapter for us, one where we can enhance our entrepreneurial foundation and further our commitment to empowering students for success.”

In his role, Jenson leads the charge in developing a ground-breaking portfolio of for-credit “Build-a-Business” programs. In these courses, students build real, revenue-generating businesses alongside industry experts from Utah County’s extraordinary entrepreneurial community. In addition to courses focusing on industries such as fashion, freelancing, and e-commerce, UVU is excited to collaborate with Sandbox (a university-focused incubator) to guide students in launching the next generation of tech and software companies.

“Our world is in an exciting moment of technological and social change,” said Jenson. “We’re already hard at work placing students where the action is and empowering them to lead industries and innovation worldwide. I’m so excited to join UVU’s Entrepreneurship Institute and be part of this university’s legacy, providing transformational experiences for the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

In addition to Jenson, UVU is delighted to welcome Alessandra Camargo as the new coordinator of the Entrepreneurship Institute. With a diverse background in program design, financial management, and entrepreneurship, Camargo brings a unique blend of skills to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs.

The Entrepreneurship Institute at UVU provides students with the resources, mentorship, and experiential learning opportunities necessary to thrive in the competitive world of entrepreneurship. Under the guidance of Jenson and Camargo, the institute is poised to make a lasting impact on the entrepreneurial landscape of Utah and beyond.

UVU Also Recently Earned Top Ranking for Startup Success

Adding to its list of accolades, Switch On Business recently ranked UVU as the number one institution for graduates who go on to create startups within the state. The recognition underscores UVU’s commitment to fostering entrepreneurial talent and empowering students to succeed in their ventures. Impressively, 80% of UVU alums who have founded businesses keep them local in Utah — more than any other state.

“No doubt helping matters is the fact that UVU is home to the largest business school in the state and an Entrepreneurship Institute that offers mentoring, funding, and networking opportunities to students. After graduating, it’s no wonder the entrepreneurially minded are happy to stay local — a variety of factors make Utah one of the most favorable states in which to start a business,” Switch On Business’s analysis said.

“Our focus at UVU has always been on providing students with not just education, but the tools and support they need to thrive in the real world,” Jenson said. “This recognition reaffirms our dedication to preparing students for entrepreneurial success and making a meaningful impact in our community.”

With UVU’s Entrepreneurship Institute at the helm, the university continues to solidify its position as a leader in entrepreneurial education, driving innovation and economic growth in the region and beyond.